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holly crap! with 10 days to go and no packing done, panic is setting in, today i have organised i going away booze up rather than packing and its all beggining to get a little real now. it's been a dream or at least a thought in my head for 4 years and now ive actually got the balls to follow it through im getting a little bit of poo in pants feeling! lol i think writing this journals will help though, i apologise for my awefull spelling and grammar

I've already said goodbye to my sister and a few distant relations, not to bad so far, less traumatic than i thought it would be. am dreading saying goodbye to my parents tho, wont be a pretty site. kind of glad ive chosen to go to airport on my own though, dont think me arriving on the plane all tirey eyed is a good start.

what to pack??? havent got a clue! never been away for this length of time before. ive heard deoderant is key and a towel, apart from that will probably be my usual 'lets dump everything on my floor in a bag and hope for the best' always seems to work, never failed me yet.

anyway i will stop yapping, will update ya soon. claire x

mickeyd302 says:
I know these feelings all too well. I felt the same way before leaving the State.
Posted on: Oct 06, 2007
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