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The group in front of a church on a stone.

We were allowed a break on Thursday but had to work on Saturday with more locals, but gladly welcomed this respite. A full day with a government respresentative was planned, and we visited vineyards, ecological farms, and had the most amazing lunch in town.

Our first stop was to a church, and the funniest part is that no one except the bus driver knew a darn thing about this church. The little bit that I learned was that the hill it was on was one large rock, with the church being built on top of the rock. I think it's a geological peculiarity in the region, and the tallest single rock in all of Europe. We walked around a bit and I chanced upon all the women at the foot of one of the churches posing in a Vanity-Fair-like fashion. It was adorable.

We tried to get the men to do the same, but their numbers were too small, so it was more like a.

Grapes for vinho verde
.. GQ cover. Manolo took my cigarette to try and appear more sexy, but I think he just ended up looking like he was trying not to burn himself. =)

It's surprising how much Braga reminds me of Napa valley. The landscape is surprisingly similar and most houses are roofed in Terra Cotta. Then the vineyards.. it seems like everyone has a little patch of vines in their homes and you can tell there are large vineyards just looking out over the valley.

We visited a particularly nice one - Braga is known for its Vinho Verde - otherwise known as green wine. It's like white wine, but a slight bit sweeter, bubbly and very refreshing. It's hands down my favorite wine, probably most similar in taste to a Gerwetzermeiner or however you spell that.

Vineyards - one of my favorite pictures..

On the vinyard was a beautiful estate that the family lives in and has been passed down through the generations. We weren't able to go inside, but we took a few nice group shots outside.

Next we went to an ecological farm - funded by the EU for the purposes of generating non-pesticidal, non-synthetic material farms. Around the actual building, herbs and medicinal plants were being grown. But the center was mainly for education, programs and seminars to support the farms being formed around Portugal.

In the afternoon, I believe there was a visit to the gold museum and a church, but I was so tired I went home and.. uploaded my pictures =) The art of making gold filigree is a bit of a cultural institution in Portugal.

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The group in front of a church on …
The group in front of a church on…
Grapes for vinho verde
Grapes for vinho verde
Vineyards - one of my favorite pic…
Vineyards - one of my favorite pi…
Grounds of wine estate
Grounds of wine estate
Wine estate
Wine estate
Tile mural of wine making process.
Tile mural of wine making process.
photo by: Jaina_me