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I seem quite concerned about the architectural drawings..
**written on Sept 25th, pictures are from September 3rd (or thereabouts)**

So, I know this is September 3rd because well, I've got some pictures where I am actually able to stand and work. I spent most of the week hiding out somewhere due to heat exhaustion and exertion. I'm so glad I have a couple of pictures of actually working! Even if it is mostly my ponytail and such, I have validation that it wasn't a terrible nightmare, and that it did actually happen.

So I will take a few minutes here to talk about a most excellent little surprise. On the very last day, I can barely recall it due to the fatigue.. but a couple of new volunteers showed up. I recall one of them a little bit because he drove myself and our group leader around Braga to find a grocery store to buy picnic supplies.
Yeah that was me most of the time, not really working, and always camera in hand..
We never did find the grocery store, but I recall him listening to me and Manolo talking about relationships, and I recall him nodding and looking at me through the rear view mirror. I remember really wanting to ask him his view on relationships, but never got the chance as we always found ourselves running so short on time. All I had to say is that leading a group is difficult work!

At the picnic, he said a couple of things to me. Mostly "can you email me your photos?" and "my, they don't let you rest!" when people kept calling out my name to have pictures taken of them. I remember thinking he was cute enough to notice and talk to, but I didn't do so at the picnic because Lynn (*shudder*) was sitting next to him the whole time.

At the very end of our trip, when we went to visit the just-finished house that was built before us, I went up to him to ask him if he was related to the construction foreman, since they have the last name.
Bending the BIG rebar!
He smiled and said no, that it was a common Portuguese last name, and I recouped by saying "that's ok! You're special to me regardless!" but kind of blushed at my mistake and walked away. And that was the last I saw of Sandro...

But we've been emailing and it's hard to explain but I get so excited because his emails are so politely interested and ever so lightly flirtatious. And I think - my god, he must be crazy for wasting his time corresponding with me and flirting ever so delicately, since I'm half a world away and all.. but it makes me smile so brightly because he's cute, and sweet and kind. And those things sound simple, but are not really that easy to find anymore...

So once again we have proven the saying 'when you least expect it' because I was so miserable during this trip that I just expected to go home in one piece.
Me and pails of dirt were Best Friends! not really..
I really did not expect this little surprise, but I'm very glad.

And we have been writing back and forth lamenting how we were only able to meet on the very last day, and oh, how briefly! If only he had come sooner! If only I had stayed longer! Of course none of that is voiced, but you can feel that sentiment burning through. We're old enough to accept what is, but young enough to hope fate has his hand in all this.

So I dream of returning to Portugal.. or having a visitor in the States fairly soon..!  =)
kingelvis14 says:
This sounds like a return trip to Portugal is definitely in order:)
Posted on: Feb 11, 2008
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I seem quite concerned about the a…
I seem quite concerned about the …
Yeah that was me most of the time,…
Yeah that was me most of the time…
Bending the BIG rebar!
Bending the BIG rebar!
Me and pails of dirt were Best Fri…
Me and pails of dirt were Best Fr…
photo by: Jaina_me