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I've been asked to submit an article for the Habitat Portugal affiliate newsletter on my experiences on the Habitat trip to Portugal! My guidelines are "your over all experience... the work... the people... the family... the portuguese culture... us here at the office of course "

So.. I"m gonna write/edit it here =)

I truly feel at one with the earth.. Probably because we are covered in so much of it, along with dust, cement and sweat.

When I think about my experience with Habitat Portugal, a happiness bubbles up from a place that I never knew existed. Perhaps one of the most challenging experiences in my life alongside the most rewarding. Our team had the honor and the task of kicking off the new house, which meant difficult foundation work, evening the plot of land and breaking lots of boulders - all this with simple tools such as wheelbarrows, sledgehammers and shovels.

This was all great fun in the context of the larger picture, which was quite emotional and moving. A family that was in great need of a place to live would have a home in under a year. Never have I seen a volunteer group compelled to give and who truly cared so much, that under the careful and loving guidance of the Habitat Portugal affiliate, we were able to see the magic that comes from a little labor and a lot of fun.

The realization that we were raising a home to shelter a family was more than enough reward, but the Habitat Portugal experience enriches you even further. The opportunity to explore the rich history of Portugal and get acquainted with the beautiful people was an unexpected dividend. You don’t often get the chance to visit foreign lands with a support network, but Habitat Portugal’s affiliates provided inexhaustible guidance, patience and hospitality throughout our stay and enabled me to get so much closer to the country than I could have imagined as a simple tourist.

The fact that I am still in touch with some of our amazing hosts further impresses upon me that I made some friends for life!
sybil says:
you are such a studette! :D
Posted on: Feb 02, 2008
vances says:
lol - that's the beauty of thinking on paper....just get the words out and then organize + smooth!
Posted on: Feb 02, 2008
jenn79 says:
I hope you don't mind, I used a whole paragraph of our suggestion and am thinking of ways to smooth it out and incorporate more.. tomorrow! =)
Posted on: Feb 01, 2008
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