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Hello Hello!  

Today we went to the Forbidden City!   It was very impressive to see! But it was a pity that our tourgide went really quick through it was more like a "race" through the Forbidden City! And I have seriously never laught so hard...EVERY chinees that you meet wants to take a picture with you!  They are so surprised to see Western people....they all stare and point at you! First I thought that I had someting weird or something like that  But then they all come at you...You Take Picture With Me??  Really feel just like a celebrity out here  After the Forbidden City we also went to the Quarter of Peace. After that we had lunche in a Chinese restaurant and yes, I liked it AGAIN!  At the end of the day we also had a real Kung Fu Show. That was super cool to see!!  Now we're gonna grab a bite (Pizzahutje probably, cause they have that too in China ) Tomorrow we're going to climb the Big Wall, we've been warned that it's going to be very sweaty!  So nice exercise to burn some carbs hahaha! I leave a message soon! Big Kissss  Nan

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sleeping @ the airport
Hello! officialy a message from Bejing!!  Despite the big delay
that we have had.. we are finaly arrived! We left yesterday at 11.55 from Amsterdam 
to Helsinki, we arrived there at 15.30
after which we would leave to Bejing at 20.15...NOT!!
The message board showed that our flight was delayed and further information would follow at 22.00...right....and 22.00 became finally 03.15. We left Helsinki finaly at 04.00...eight hours delay!
Sooo you understand that when we arrived at Bejing my head was looking 10 times worse then this , because we where already 30 hours awake!
On the airport in Bejing we had a warm welcome from Henk and Jenny..our tourguides. 
We have a group of 28 people, including a couple of my ages.
With a schoolclass
.so that's nice!!  After that we left with a bus to a restaurant to get treated of a real chinees meal...and guess what...i liked it!!   
The people over here are by the way staring at you reaaaaaly bad!! We're just like monky's in a bus! They all think it's very interesting to see Western people. We just had breakfast at our hotel (the hotel is great by the way!) The breakfast exists mostly of rice and other chinees things  ...but luckely they also have normal bread!
Now I have to get ready to go to  the Forbidden City, after that we go to the Quarter of Peace and tonight we also have a big Kung Fu show!
See you soon!!
Lots of love  Nan
sleeping @ the airport
sleeping @ the airport
With a schoolclass
With a schoolclass
In the Forbidden City
In the Forbidden City
Dont mess with grandma!! ;)
Don't mess with grandma!! ;)
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