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Although we did not stay in death valley, the trip was quite an adventure and thought justified an entry of its own in my blog.

We woke up early doors and hit the road to head to vegas and get a good afternoon in their. The first incident occured when driving along a road i missed a state trooper, his lights started to flash and thought we were going to be pulled over for speeding. thankfully he decided to stop the car behind us instead. Then will completely lost control of directions and told me I had missed the turn off, so we went up and down the stretch of road for an hour unable to find a turn off and up another road for a while which was wrong. In total we went past the state trooper 5 times and I had not missed the turn off, it was infact another hour down the road, not the 11 mins will had told me.

Me trying to remove the massive insent from the car in the middle of death valley during the day

We carried on and found the turning and saw a sign to "Death Valley Road" and decided it was the route we wanted to take. We got some amazing views and on some very winding roads like that of a car advert. We sped along without seeing anyone for ages.

It then started to go down hill. We were cruising along at about 60mph with the window wide open when something came in through the window, I thought it was a stone but will informed me that I had to stop the car immediately and had a worried look upon his face as it was not a stone that had come through the window as a bug had landed on me. I slammed the breaks on and tried to jump out of the car forgetting how to put the parking break on for an automatic car and it starting to roll down a hill and having to jump back in. After getting out, I put on a hoodie and so was now completely covered from head to toe in the middle of death valley in the midday sun. I located the bug, and it was a 3 inch poisonous killer locust hornet and managed to flick it out of the car. (will has some pictures of the event).

We carried along and saw a sign saying "Pavement End" and thought it was strange that there would be a pavement in the middle of nowhere especially since we had only seen 1 car in the last hour of driving. We were quickly reminded of the difference between american and english as the road stopped and turned in to an off road dirt stone track. We then had to reduce our speed to 10 miles an hour . This caused absolute carnage to the brand new saloon car that we had been rented with it going up and down and rattling. This continued for about an hour and we reached an information board. Here we found out that the road was better for a couple of miles before getting worse again and for 3 times the distance. We decided we had come to far to go back and even if we had to do the 30 miles at 10 mph it was quicker (as long as the car held up).

I discovered it was almost better to drive really fast and skip over the bumps so that sped things up, although at these speeds on dirt the car has a tendancy to fishtail and want to go in its own direction. This went on for ages and I had lost confidence in Will's navigation skills and thought we may never get out of this hell hole. After passing an abandoned quary that looked like it had been in a car crash and only 1 other car in that time what appeared to be a mirage turned up.

We arrived at "Scotty's Castle" if you are ever in the death valled area you must visit this place, it is one of the most obsurd things I have ever seen. It is the worlds most tacky/disgusting mansion that was built in the middle of death valley, near nothing else that offers tours and a tourist information. It was very peculiar.

I picked up some gatorade and we were off again with only 4 more hours to vegas.

katieestruch says:
sounds bit like the start to a cliche horror film where they they take the dirt track!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2007
Billy_Rogers says:
We may have been slightly lost, but at least i had the map the right way up :)
Posted on: Sep 19, 2007
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Me trying to remove the massive in…
Me trying to remove the massive i…
Death Valley
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