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From Rarotonga I went to Aitutaki and happened to be on the same flight out there as gavin from the hostel at rarotonga. The plane was a small propellar plane, we had to check in half an hour before the flight and had no security at all. Got some amazing views and photos of the islands though. That evening went out decided and go to a bar or a restaurant or something. We walked right through the town and asked a local who informed us that the town completely shut at 7:30 and we were not amused.

Next morning went up the mountain on the island which would compete with everest, kilimanjaro and harrow on the hill at around 160m. Got some great views and photos of the island and the lagoon around it.  Purchased myself some snorkelling gear and went out to the lagoon for 2 hours and saw amazing fish, coral and loads of sea cucumbers with the water being incredibly warm.

Popped on a lagoon cruise the next day, but the weather turned and was overcast all day which spoilt it a bit. Did some even better snorkelling where shoals of fish would swim right past you which was great. Also saw the two islands where shipwrecked is being filmed and saw people on the beach im pretty sure I saw Lauren. Went to one foot island which is in the shape of a foot and got my passport stamped at the worlds smallest post office, it was a very good day out. In the evening I planned to go to an island night which has loads of local entertainment etc, however the cash machine near where i was staying was broken and the other one was an hours walk away so couldnt go there, but instead went out with the locals to a few tiny bars and the night club on the island which doubled up as the market during the day and consisted of a roof and a household fridge full of beer. It tipped it down and me and gaving started the long walk back, shoes in hand and jeans rolled up someone took pity on us and picked us up and gave us a lift, he thought we were members of the shipwrecked crew as did many locals and other brits that night.

The other 4 nights there were a complete wash out. It rained and was so depressing just sitting there looking out on to the sea and it raining and I really wanted to get off the island as i was just so bored. I even went to church on the sunday which was full of songs but not for me, although the locals put on a marvelous spread which i tucked in to.

Did nothing for the next few days and started reading books I was so bored. It was a very beautiful place and I felt so safe there, not having to worry about crime, locals were so friendly and gave me several lfits which was nice not to be always keeping a look out like i was in america. However it was very boring as the place is not geared up for rain and I wish I had spent less time there.

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photo by: sarahsan