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Decided to head across to the other side of Thailand to visit Ko Phi Phi, however for some reason transport in Thailand seems to run at the most ridiculous of times and take as long as they can possibly make it. If I wanted to do the trip in one I would have to take the sleeper boat to the main land which would take twice as long as the normal boat. Instead I decided to go to Phuket for a night.

Got to ride in the sweaty boat again but at least had a seat, although it left an hour late because there was some problem positioning the boat so the cars could get off it. Then straight on to a coach to Surat Thani which took an hour. Then we were squeezed in to a tiny mini bus which had no space for luggage so that was dispersed in amongst people. I got to ride shotgun, however due to the lack of space there were two of us riding shotgun, there was that almost second space in the front that some vans have, however it was not enough so we were practically sitting on eachothers laps and resulted in cramp. Throughout the day I had expected to stop off somewhere long enough to get something to eat. This had not been the case and had therefore only been able to get hold off and eat some pringles and a packet of Oreos, a combination which not left me feeling clean as a whislte or sharp as a thistle. At 10pm the coach stopped at a service station. It looked more like a breeding ground for food poisoning. I went for a cheese sandwhich which seemed the best trade off between nutrition and chance of food poisioning I could find. Got to hotel at midnight but did not have the energy and did not feel like walking the streets of Phuket alone at such an hour to find food so fell asleep.

Next morning woke up and went for a walk around Phuket as I had a few hour before I got on the boat to Phi Phi, which was for once at a reasonable time. It quickly became clear that Phukets reputation for being the lady boy capital of the world was correct however, they seemed to be more interested in quantity that quality as many were very clearly a man. The beach at Phuket was nice but the whole place was very touristic, a bit like a mix between Ko Samui and Bangkok, people offering you suits, massage or taxi the whole time, but a new twist on it now jet skis. Saw some people do paragliding, the thing where you have a parachute and you are pulled along by a boat, the Thais are mental. The guys running it would tangle themselves in amongst the parachute and not strap themselves in and go up with you, it was a bit scary.

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photo by: Aclay01