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Birthday fun

March in Australia was another fairly average month and I was beginning to get a bit bored of Sydney which seems an offensive but true thing to say. You feel like so little goes on down here, most news stories are about Britain and Australians seem to take a big interest in English weather, it is always on the news, that and Australian car crashes, counters of how many people die over various holidays. It was also a massive deal, outrageously big, when the QE2 and the Queen Mary cruise ships came to Sydney, at the same time. This was apparently a big deal because it would be the only time they would be in the same place before the QE2 is turned in to a floating hotel in Dubai. I did not really care, however it was all over the news and they also cut away from the cricket to show live footage of the two ships passing each other.

My foot the morning after having stepped on broken glass that had pierced my shoes


Easter in Australia was a bit of a let down. Firstly the two bank holidays I got off, great you might think, except that I do not get paid for those days. Secondly I had planned to go to a discotheque on Good Friday, however almost everywhere was closed and no places are allowed to alcohol to take away, which incidentally is hard enough to get hold off. You can’t pop down to the news agents to get any and they don’t even sell it in supermarkets. You have to go to a bottle shop or a lot of the pubs do take away drink which explains why everyone always goes in to Scarlet Bar/Charlie’s in neighbours to get wine for dinner at home. I did on Easter Saturday bump in two Leanna and Hayley who I went to nower hill with when I was out which was very strange and unlikely as I don’t think I had even seen either of them at home since year 11.

Aussie Rules at the SCG


Went out for John’s birthday which was good fun, did a lot of dancing and taking pictures and getting in to peoples pictures, me and john must be in so many pictures on facebook of people’s trips in Sydney and have ruined a lot of them. It was all good fun and everyone drunk quite a lot. The next day, sensibly we had decided to go to see an Aussie rules game. I woke up quite early felt fine and went to meet John and Mo. John was a write off, but mo the machine was fine, I took a turn for the worse and thought I might have been sick at the game but was fine. Aussie rules as a sport reminded me of a sport you might have made up in the garden or the playground at school. It was all fairly boring with the most interesting thing being the eccentric over the top referees and line judges with their flamboyant signals. The weather was delicious though so I topped up my tan which I have noticed has dropped dramatically since leaving Fiji

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Birthday fun
Birthday fun
My foot the morning after having s…
My foot the morning after having …
Aussie Rules at the SCG
Aussie Rules at the SCG
Me poorly attempting an impression…
Me poorly attempting an impressio…
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