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The train hugged the beach on the way up and with the sun beating down me and will could not wait to get to LA and hit the beach. We got off the train and the heavans opened. We hopped on what we thought was a 30 min bus to the hostel.  Two hours later through the whole of LA and through rough areas we were later told not to go through we arrived at the hostel soaked. We dropped our stuff off and me the other people in the room. It was a good bunch of people and we all went out on a Limo tour round LA which was organised by the hostel. It was very year 11 ball but we got to see quite a lot of the sights and had free alcohol. It ended in several people in the limo being sick which was not cool. Went to a bar after which was fairly average.

Woke up the next morning very early by the people in my room who were still drunk and decided the best cure was to take a dip in to the pacific. it was very cold at 8am but it did the job.  did not really do too much through the rest of the day, rented a car to get to the american football as the alternative awas a 3 hour bus ride.

The football was amazing and just like TV, however it was absolutely freezing. The whole way up it had rained, though it stopped when we got there, but it was like being back in the rookery end at watford, but the fans had a bit more passion, got a bit bored by the end. took ages to find the car as we didnt remember what it looked like and it was parked in a massive golf course.

drove round a bit today, saw the Will Rogers Memorial Park which was coool and gave us an amazing view of LA and then went to see the hollywood sign.

Just waiting to head to the cook islands which should be good.

ocwarren says:
Glad that you were here.
You need to come back....there is way more to see.
happy to show you around.
Posted on: Apr 15, 2008
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