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Made sure I left a bit earlier and ended up getting to the bus station 40 mins early, but I was happy. Got on the bus and it is definitely the nicest bus I have ever been on. There were only 3 seats in a row, rather than 4, and the bus was probably on a quater full. The seats also reclined to near flat. I had a few hours nap on it, which was nice. Also saw Mt Fuji, through very heavy cloud and watched a nice sunset over a big industrial city. Got to Kyoto station at about 8, tried to navigate the trains, but they have even less english in Kyoto than in Tokyo and there did not seem to be any maps inside the station so had to get a man to show me the way.

Got off the train followed the instructions, was almost there when I got lost and walked straight past the hostel, and worked up a tremendous sweat. Got in to the hostel jumped in the shower and went to bed. Got woken up by some americans who could not handle their drink in the middle of the night who were very inconsiderate.

The next day, my only day in Kyoto I hit the sites, I did not really know what I was doing but there were directions to the Gold Temple from the hostel so I jumped on the bus. Japaneese buses are very confusing because as you pay as you get off, and there was me being honest and trying to pay even when the bus driver had not asked for any money. Any way got to the temple ok, and it is pretty cool, it is covered in actual gold. Visited a rock garden next door which are 15 rocks placed about in a sort of sea of gravel that is carefully raked and is supposed to be deep and meaningful. At the bus stop it then had directions to a castle, and that sounded cool, so I jumped on another bus and did end up at a castle. It was cool and had stuff about The Shogun, protection of the old capital of Japan and Assassins.

It seems that the reason the Kyoto Protocol is so harsh on global warming is because of the obscene sweat levels achieved there. It is incredibly hot and the humidity is unbareable, and only worsened when carrying a bag. I spent the whole day drinking as much water as I could and it still was not enough.

Got lost on the way back to the hostel, got on the wrong bus, the driver was very nice and did not charge me and drew me a map for a bus I could catch. However the bus got off at the other end of the area I wanted to be at so I was lost. I walked up and down a big road but with no hope. Went in to a big internet club which was incredible. I had to sign up and it was quite dear but it was like a health spa, but instead of working out you go on the computer, free drinks magazines, very nice. Asked them how to get to the hostel, their response was straight on, but considering we were at a corner, straight on could have been in a multitude of directions, tried walking again, no luck, got in a taxi in the end and he sorted it all out for me. Then had to wait 4 hours at the bus station. Got on a packed bus which was not as nice scrunched up to a japaneese man and in chairs that recline a long way and do not mix with my long legs. The air conditioning was not great either so I was still sweating sitting still. Took a sleeping pill and that knocked me out

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