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A baracuda

Headed to kuata next with a handful of people from manta ray which it turned out i would be following for the rest of the journey. kuata was fairly basic and there were not very many people on the island.

got there and the group of us from manta ray decided to do the sunset fishing along with a couple from the north east of england. we jumped on a boat with no seats or life jackets and were taken out. we spent ages going up and down the coast looking for some sardines to catch to use as bate. this went on for ages and after an hour and a half the fijians returned to the resort to get some sardines from the kitchen. as soon as we had got these some sardines were spotted right next to the resort and the fijian whipped off his shirt and dived in with his net and wrestled with them and came up with loads.

we put our bate on our little hand reels and waited. we then waited a bit more. 2 and a half hours after we had originally left people on the boat were losing patience and thinking the fijians did not have a clue and the sun was just about to go down. however the fishing then went mad. almost simultaneously everyone felt a tuck on their lines leading us to think we had got our lines tangled up, however when they were pulled up we found baracudas (which have big teeth) about a foot long on the end. and as soon as you could lower a line another one had bitten and everyone was going mad with fish. it is a real buzz catching a fish and fighting with it to reel it in and i really enjoyed it.

in the evening they put on some fijian and polynesian war dancing which was rather strange as it was similar in some respects to the huka with the slitting of throats but then a little bit of a fruity mince would be thrown in camping up the whole thing. we played a bit of cards and headed to bed early.

the next morning i was the only one of the group to wake up in time to go out snorkelling and got the chance to swim with reef sharks which was pretty cool and they got fairly close and the guides would feed them and pull their tails. also discovered that i had broken my own snorkel when stuffing it in to my bag, bent it completly over and had made a whole in it, not cool.

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A baracuda
A baracuda
photo by: estruch