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Got back from Aitutaki a couple of days before my birthday, but left poor gavin in Aitutaki by himself. Glad to be back but it was strange to see so many new faces there but recognised some old ones. the weather still wasnt great but at least there were other people to talk to.

Went out for my birthday the day before my actual birthday as that is a big night in the cook islands and most people were going there anyway so i tacked it on.  With the water being solar heated people raced to the showers early to try and get the hot water. This in turn meant that the partying started early. A bit of ring of fire was played with rules that the el bottelon crew would not recognise and rules were made up as we went along to get me drunk negotiated my way through that having to down a few drinks and the king cup and then some further drinking games until the taxi came.

the taxis were funny. It involved one minibus (complete with a small boy in the boot) and a truck. people piled in and it ended up with 8 of us guys piled in to the back of the truck sitting on the edges, with the taxi driver not caring about health and safety but it was a very funny trip.

got there the place was empty but they were dishing out free cocktail which was fairly nasty. someone then had a whip round and a dirty pint containing twelve shots was produced in front of me. i felt the peer pressure and manned up and downed it in one. i took the applause and not suprisingly i dashed to the toilets to go "freshen up" which i am glad i did having seen what happened to a Mr R Flack on his birthday. Any way after that paul was back, (write that down blansh) and then had further drinks bought for me including a tequilla where i had to sniff the salt and squeeze lemon in my eye. I then proceeded to dance the night away. There were people far worse off than me, one lad had to be taken home and one vomitted on another lad whilst he was being sick, not very nice.

The place closed at 12 and had a particularly weird system, the entrance was locked and you had to go out a fire escape which took me a while to find. On the way back we had 14 in the back of the truck, it would have been 15 but the taxi driver drove off with someone half in and half out, they became fully out.

Felt rough the next day

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photo by: glennisnz