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Arrived at Phi Phi and got myself some accomodation in a place a little up the hill but cheap and reasonable. First impressions of Phi Phi were good, there were no cars, just bicycles and it was not full of Thai people trying to sell you things, nice and laid back. Went to the beach which was stunning and was also the setting for the film "The Beach" and soaked up some rays. The sea is a beautiful Turquoise/Blue colour and is extremely warm, it felt like getting in to a hot bath. Went on a few nights out there but the island has a strange policy (it also seemed to be the first policy in the whole of Thailand that I had seen be followed). You are not allowed to play music after 2am but you are allowed to serve alcohol 24/7. So all of a sudden all the dancing on the beach stops, some people head off home but others are left to mumble extremely drunken conversations to eachother. Was out the night of wimbledon, it went on to nearl 4am Thai time and the only place showing it was a 7 Eleven store, so I found myself in there watching the last few games of the final set crammed in the aisles of a convenience store, I also got accused of being Australian a few times but do not believe I picked up an accent in Australia.

One afternoon I was about to leave my little hill side hut when a massive Gibon was outside guarding my room. I jumped back in my room and two of its little babies came scurrying about. I checked from behind the curtain and it was staring at me. I was trapped for an hour, I did not want to be attacked and get rabies

Phi Phi was hit badly by the Tsunami and there were quite a few pictures about showing half the island swept away, which does not suprise me because most of the beach side bungalows are made from very light materials, however you would not know to look at the place that it had been destroyed 3 years earlier. I did however experience the annual Tsunami Evacuation process. I got woken up one morning with a siren blazing about a Tsunami, I did not get out of bed though, and in the result of a real tsunami I hoped I was staying high enough to be ok.

Really like Ko Phi Phi and stayed there for a week, partly because I liked it, partly because I decided not to go to Chang Mai due to the obscene length of time it would take to get there. Went for burn with the old sun as it was going to be my last sunbathing of my trip and wanted a tan to show off for when I get home.

Stigen says:
Nice blog !

The whole thing about no music after is just weak...very weak... I was there in 2008 the week they made this rule. So every night out having fun until , then suddenly one night everything shut down at 2.....super annoying..
Posted on: Dec 27, 2010
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