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so i am still en route to athens, but my flight leaves shortly and i can't wait to get there! it has been the most difficult trip of my life, to say the least! well the actuall travel hasn't been so bad but i had a minor mishap in getting off the ground at the right time...i was suppose to leave phoenix on sunday, but realized it on monday (today..i think?) so with some major adjustments to my itinerary, and a several thousand dollar penalty, i'm on my way and will be arriving in time to board the ship. seeing as this was the biggest mistake of my LIFE, i think i'll probably never do it again, and now i know to ALWAYS purchas travel insurance!!!!!!! a very serious warning to all--- make sure you always book a flight that is refundable or able to be changed for no fees, otherwise you are screwed!
anyways, i've been waiting for about 7 hours now in the amsterdam airport and i'm definitely ready to get to athens. sad to see that someone in the TSS program has already posted pictures of their fun adventures in athens, but thankful to be able to make it in time! i won't be able to see athens at all or really meet any other students before boarding the ship, which is dissapointing but i'm sure it will be a great adventure on the ship as well. i'll just have to return to athens one day on my own to explore the awesome city.
well thats all for now, i will try to keep posted on board the ship but internet access is going to be VERY limited and expensive, so i might have to do a monthly update or something. watch for pictures to come as well!!

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