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Quick update on my trip to Queens. We first got off at the Ditmars stop (the last stop on the NW). I already told you what I thought about that area. We then got off at the Broadway stop (about three stops south). It was kinda hard to form a concrete impression because there was a big street fair when we arrived. There did seem to be a bit more restaurants and stores and I think that even without the street fair the area would have been a little bit more bustling than the Ditmars stop.

But, as Sarah said, the feel and atmosphere of the area was very similar to the Ditmars stop. There were are a lot of residential streets. And I remember as I was walking telling Matt that if this were night and I were by myself I don't know how safe I would feel. I just got the impression that the area could be a little isolated at night.

In comparison, I had a safe feeling about Forest Hills. Of course I would have to go to confirm my suspicions but I feel like I would feel safe there at night.

So far what I know about apartments: I kind of want to rule out Astoria. I would love to live in Forest Hills but I don't know if I could afford a 1BR (Matt and I looked and the 1BRs we saw seemed to be north of $1200 which was the max I wanted to spend). I really don't want to live in Brooklyn because as a whole the commute from Brooklyn regardless of the line is a lot worse than the commute from Queens. The nice areas of Brooklyn tend to be more expensive than the nice areas of Queens. And I've been ready that Queens as a whole is an up and coming area so the value of where I'm living should increase in the future.

So basically I'm not against investigating other Queens areas that look and feel like Forest Hills but cost less. I would really like to stick with Queens not Brooklyn.

After our adventure we went shopping. Matt had such a successful shopping day as did I. I got 2 tops from Forever 21. I still had some money left from a gift card Matt gave me a year and a half ago, I had the $20 from you, and then I put in a little. Mom always says that Forever 21 quality is really shoddy and I have to agree overall. But these 2 tops I got were on the pricey side from the store and seem to be much better made. Both are similar in style. One is red, one is navy. They're fairly loose but not pregnancy loose. They're short sleeve and got tight on the bottom. They're similar in style to this shirt: . If I can get my camera to work I'll send you pics.

It was nice/frustrating to go shopping. I've realized that I don't really like shopping anymore because nothing ever fits me well and I feel mad and angry because I can't find anything cute. But I was really happy that those 2 tops work. I really expected not to find anything.

I went to the library again today during my lunch break. I got In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner (started like 20 or so pages already), Sense and Sensibility, and another book by the Girl with the Pearl Earring author.

That's all I have to say now. It's almost time for Raymond... Yipee
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