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Up early this morning. Not sure how I am drinking so much and getting up so cheery in the mornings.. I am sure it will hit me at some stage.

I spoke to Danielle (my old roommate) to say goodbye as her tour is heading to Spain and ours to Monaco.

We boarded the bus and headed for the French Riviera and Monaco. On our way we stopped at two AutoGrill's (I can see that this is going to be the AutoGrill tour of Europe).

We arrived at Carne mid afternoon and saw the Festival DeCarnaval where the Carne Film Festival is held. We wandered around the street, although most things were closed. We walked along the beach past the private beaches of the very expensive hotels, is a bot of a different world of money here.

Then the fun of the evening started as we pulled into out "hotel" for the night.

Hotel Boneau. This place was close to hell on earth. No one spoke any english and they had not assigned any rooms. April, Marit and myself got a room that was meant to be for 3 people, but had only two beds, so for the first hour I was bedless.

Eventually I was put in a room with a double bed with Melangia, a really nice girl from South Africa. I am not really able to accurately describe how bad gthis hotel was. Panels missing off with walls, nails hanging out, some people had mattress's on the floor held up by bricks and wood.  The evening meal was uncooked chicken and raw rice. I passed on that... and had two pieces of bread.

We got dressed and ready to head into Monaco. What an amazing place, so much money!! No one should have the sort of money these people have. We saw Princess Caroline's castle and went to the casino. All I can say to discribe this is WOW!!! The best part of the awesome cars, every possible luzury car you can imagine. I saw one guy get a velet to move his car five meters, and then tipped him very well. We didnt get to say very long because Nathan (our driver) had done is max driving hours for the day.

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