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Ducks in the pond by our hotel in Glasgow

I was a little nervous going over the ocean for the first time but everything went fine except for being unable to sleep on the plane. Too much noise and some turbulence combined with my first long 8 hour flight and the excitement of being out of the USA was the cause of this. I was going with one of my best friends, Suzi and her friend Leanne. They had been to the UK twice before doing escorted tours but I had no idea what to expect. Our flight was straight from Pittsburgh to London on British Airways and I got my first taste of the British accent and how excited was I! We had a layover in London then to Glasgow.

Jury's Hotel in Glasgow, you can see our Globus Tour bus in the front.
Anyways, I was seated between Suzi & Leanne and it was breakfast time which consisted of yogurt. For some reason I had a difficult time lifting the seal and when I finally did, it kind of exploded! Yes it had splattered my glasses, along with splattering Leanne's right arm, Suzi's left shoulder and to my dismay on the back of the man sitting in front of me! I felt bad but couldn't help but laugh about it. Suzi had been sleeping but awoke when she heard us giggling & laughed when she saw my glasses while I was wiping off her yogurt covered shoulder.
This was the first of many laughs and mishaps to occur on this trip. We arrived in Glasgow, went through customs and Suzi was ahead of us & went into the bathroom. A minute later, before we could say or do anything, Leanne & I saw a man walk in the woman's bathroom evidently to clean it.
Suzi and I happy from seeing "white shorts" below
We weren't close to the entrance or we would have said something to him about her being in there, or would we? JK We just looked at each other & burst out laughing. Suzi came out with a disgruntled look but took it in stride. The 2nd mishap.

After going through customs & baggage claim, there was a good looking, tall, thin blond guy holding the names of Suzi, Leanne and Kerry on a sign. It would be Michael, our tour guide. I immediately thought; well if he is our tour guide, this might be a great trip after all! He introduced himself and pronounced Leanne's name "LEAN" and took us to the GLOBUS bus that would be our home during the day for the next 2 weeks. There were about 15 other people, including 2 younger females about our age who I thought we could possibly hang out with.
Our hotel room at Jury's with a view of Glasgow from our window.
(That ended up being a NO! Details later)

I was amazed we were driving on the left side of the road and it took time getting used to. Thank goodness Di (our bus driver) was driving & I wasn't! They took us to JURY'S HOTEL in Glasgow and since it was early afternoon, we walked around the area. There were 3 of us together so we got 2 rooms with each of us taking turns having our own room. That was a good idea and the first night Leanne had her own room. Being that this was an escorted tour, we didn't have to worry about carrying around our luggage. But I felt bad for the person who had mine because I over packed & was told that my "suitcase was the size of Pennsylvania" at the airport. The young guy delivered our suitcases to our room & put mine down & went "Whew" and shook his head!

We got ready for our welcome dinner and while Suzi was taking her bath, she almost fell asleep in the bathtub as I almost did on the bed. I figured this was what jet lag felt like. We had a good dinner with a welcome drink and I remember having chocolate mousse for dessert. But it wasn't the type of mousse I was used to, almost like what I think chocolate jello would taste like. We later moved into a room that was upstairs above the pool for our drinks and we watched a man with white shorts on swimming. Suzi said "I see a dark area" of which we started giggling like school girls. Our giggles were interrupted by a lady from our tour group almost yelling. She got a drink spilled on her (I think accidental by the tour director) and started crying saying that was her only dress. She got really melodramatic over it and thus we gave her a nickname of "crying dress lady". After the party dispersed, and were told our breakfast and luggage out times of 8am.

-----As we went to our beds, we had images with "white shorts" dreams in our heads!

euphemy says:
Suzi, yes when I found the journaling, I just laughed. It was the 1st of many great trips! :)
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
euphemy says:
SummitBreeze: Yes I did write it in 1999 and since this was my 1st big trip, I wrote details on 3 sets of paper! I'm such a goofball. :)
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
Aditu says:
HAHAHA, I love this!! It's bringing back so many great memories. Our first trip together and how many since, great times with great friends!! :)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2007
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Ducks in the pond by our hotel in …
Ducks in the pond by our hotel in…
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