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Took a long time to get up today. I really felt brain damaged. I could barely walk straight or make a correct sentence about anything.

With the other english guys, got a 1pm bus to Auschwitz (Oswiecim in polish), arrived at 2.30. The weather, which was very sunny and just under 20 degrees yesterday is now cloudy and much much colder.

As we arrived late, we had to rush a bit around the Auschwitz museum, but it was very interesting. We went to Birkenau which is a few kilometers away and looked around the death camps there. It was freezing! Gave an idea of how difficult it would have been to live there just in autumn. Imagine when it drops below freezing and snows? They were sleeping just on straw.

Then we got on the epic bus journey home. it stopped everywhere and eventually arrived after 2 hours back in Krakow. Chris and I were starving because we didn't eat any lunch. Just next to the train station in Oswiecim we saw the Hotel "Glob". What a marvellous show-case for the town ;-)  I speak of course with a certain amount of sarcasm, it being the ugliest hotel you will ever see! I have no doubt that the rooms will also be hideous, most likely dirty and very old-fashioned. I think it was supposed to be a globe shape, except the communist architects that built it couldn't afford to round the edges, or make any nice aesthetic touches for that matter.

Went out for drinks with guys from the hostel. One american-asian guy got way too drunk and chundered into the corner of the bar. The guys that took him back had to carry him as he had no control of his legs at all! He'll suffer tomorrow.

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photo by: Jeroenadmiraal