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Woke up late because I was so tired after the bus ride here. First task of the day, avoid the mental woman. Failed miserably, she was waiting in the room next to me and saw me when I came back from the bathroom. She's like a ghost. Told her that I was going to be spending the day with a fellow english tourist, which was my way of getting out of going to the tunnel museum with her. Feared that if I told her it was a bosnian, she might think it was competition and have her terminated. Back to the mad woman later.

I went to meet Aida in the mosque. Everyone is so friendly here and I had conversations in english with a turkish guy and in french with a bosnian at the mosque, before Aida had even arrived.

Had some burek for lunch and then Aida drove me up one of the hills to look down over Sarajevo. Great views.
Then we went to find the tunnel museum. We passed the Holiday Inn Hotel on "Sniper Alley", but it seems to have been done up so you can't see the bullet marks.

Went to the wrong end of the tunnel first, but it didn't take too long to get to the right end. Who should be there, talking to the owner? Yes, the mentalist and she was very surprised to see my tourist friend speaking bosnian. Doh! Luckily she had found a couple of oriental tourists to milk instead, so she didn't pay me any attention. As we drove out, they were just starting the long walk to the tram.

We went to the source of the Bosne river and drank the very cold but delicious water. Then went to a very nice restaurant next to the Zelednica river to try cevapi (sausages) and kajmak (soft cheese) with freshly cooked pitta bread. Absolutely delicious, washed down with some Sarajevsko beer.

Finally we went to The Club quite late and danced to the alternating music of a local band and some house music. Very good, didn't want to leave.
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photo by: herman_munster