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The Danube, at Zemun.
Had a nice big lie-in cos I was knackered after the journey from Sarajevo. Luckily I had the dorm to myself, so no-one to hear snore, or them hear me snoring. Not that I ever snore of course.

Set off first for the Nikola Tesla museum, to learn about the creator of alternating electrical current and many other inventions that not many people know he came up with. He also proved the possibility of a charged particle beam generator, or "death ray" weapon, although he actually had more peaceful things in mind when looking into the technology.

Then went to see a couple of churches before grabbing some lunch.

In the afternoon, I went over the Sava river to the town of Zemun, on the banks of the Danube. It used to be an austro-hungarian place, as opposed to the ottoman controlled Belgrade. Nowadays, it's a bit run down, but there are nice views of life beside the big river.

I went back to the hostel to chill out for a few hours as I didn't want to be worn out too early on our night out! Eventually Lou, Bronwen and I set out for a bar, but found them hard to come by. After walking for almost an hour, we finally found one and pumped the barmaid for info on the club scene. She pointed us towards the banks of the Danube, which is where we went by taxi.

There are two strips of river boats (one on the Sava and one on the Danube), where there are lots of bars, restaurants and night-clubs that play various strengths of dance music. We found the only one that was making any noise, Bleywatch and went in. To begin with it was very good house music, but they interrupted it with an hour of balkan folk music. Some people might call it Greek, others Turkish, but as I had heard it in Bosnia and now in Serbia, it must be generic to the region. Anyway, once that was over, they put the house back on and everyone was happy, especially the go-go dancers up on the platform. One of them was wearing a full body thong!

Once they stopped that and put the folk music back on, we gave up and went home. Need to come back one day and do a weekend, when there is more choice of clubs and dance music styles. Anyway, it sucks that I'll have to put up with cheesy disco crap when I get back to England. Bristol's not endowed with proper night clubs.

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The Danube, at Zemun.
The Danube, at Zemun.
photo by: EmEm