Japan - September 2, 2007

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So last night Yui`s boyfriend slept over [him downstairs/her upstairs, haha] I think it was like the first time ever or something, and I think the only reason he was allowed to was because he stayed too late watching a movie so the subways were closed. Anyways so that means he was over when I woke up and we got ready to go head to Chinatown :] this is one of the places i most wanted to visit here since it`s supposed to be the largest in asia .. besides china of course haha! Well we got ready and headed out. It didn`t take long to get to Chinatown it was just sort of expensive for such a short subway ride since it was a new line. Anyways when we got there we had to walk a ways to actually get into chinatown. There was a big chinese gate leading into it, which reminded me sort of the one in Boston, except the one in Boston isn`t finished yet .. so quite possibly they modelled the one in Boston after this one. We walked around a bit looking into shops and stuff, the stuff in the shops was so expensive, idk why. I really wanted this dragon thing but it was $30 ... it`s made out of paper, come on! If you were in China you cwould bargan, but not in Japan ... oh well. After walking around we went to eat. We went to this place with the revolving thing again where all the food comes around and you just grab plates. You could also order other things from a menu. The deal was $21 for all you can eat. Which considering how much Chinese dishes usually go, was a good deal. I had a bunch of things, took pictures of only a few. There was this one round dumpling type thing with shrimp and other stuff in it which was SO GOOD .. i took a picture to ask Jeff what it is :] For dessert I had this white coconut stuff with these balls in them, i`d had it before so i knew it was good. After eating we walked around a bit more, we went into this panda store and it had a panda person outside it, haha cute! so i took a picture with it ... wish Jeff was there so we could have been in it together :[ ah well. Pretty much all of Chinatown is shops, haha. There where 2 temples there and we went into the bigger one, it was so colorful!! A lot different than Japanese temples. There was also so much insence so I felt like I was going to sneeze a good deal of the time, haha. We then left and headed towards the subway station. On the way there I notcied a sign that said foreign books so we went in since i needed a book to read on the flight back. I bought "Angela`s Ashes" which was made into a movie which was really good but i don`t remember details of, haha. So yeap, we then went back to Yui`s house and Yui and I tried going to the post office so I could ship my things back home, but it was closed :[ .. so now we have to wait until Wednesday the day before i leave ... that means my stuff won`t be there when i get back ... pooey!
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