Japan - September 1, 2007

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WOW it`s September?? This trip`s gone by faster than I thought it would, REALLY fast in fact. Gah I love Japan.

So today I woke up and all the usual stuff. Around 2 Yui and I got ready and headed to Nippa station which is a different one than we usually go to. We walked around there and then met her boyfriend. We then headed off to this like rec room to play ping pong, OLD SCHOOL!! haha. It reminded me of a high-school like old with really ugly aqua colored walls. There were a few other people playing but there were like 6 tables so you know the place had seen better days. I felt like time warped back to the 80s or something. Ping Pong was fun though, I didn`t do so well since the only time i`ve ever played was like in my cousins basement, and that was years ago. I mean come on, who really plays ping pong? The Japanese I suppose, haha. Yui and her boyfriend went to get a drink and I was still in the room when this old man came in and started shutting off the lights, then he noticed me and said something and left, I was like wtf? haha. When they came back we played some more and then we went to the upstairs part which was a library. No english books of course, ZzZzZzzzz Yui and her boyfriend played some boardgame [XTRA OLD SCHOOL!!] which i never heard of before. I just watched since I didn`t get the game at all, I kind of got the point of it though after watching 3 games. There`s black and white checker like pieces and you have to make it so your opponent can`t make a move, .. something like that. There was mostly little kids in there but some other teenagers playing the boardgame and some adults studying. [middle and high-school kids go back monday]. After we went across the street to this grocery store and Yui bought some ramen. We then went upstairs which was like a childrens place with all kids clothes and toys and baby things. We walked around looking at all the baby stuff, haha IDK why to pass time I guess, DEFF not thinking about any babies, gah. They had some really cute things there though, I bought Disney Princess bandaids! yay!! haha only $3 and I have blisters all over my feet so I needed them anyways. After spending some time there we went back downstairs and Yui`s mom was there, we shopped around with her and then we went back to the house. After eating dinner we went out again with her mom to this shopping mall which looked like a typical US shopping mall, most of the stores where expensive ones like Armani Exchange & Lacoste ... they had a movie theature in there too, fist one i`ve seen in Japan. We went into this store that sold puppies and like just about everything for dogs, people PAMPER their dogs here they just love them, they have all these cute little clothes for them and jewled collers and shampoos and even like doggie strollers, haha it`s so cute, dogs really are babies here. I think Yui`s family is getting a dog since her mom really wants one, she even bought a book on different type of dogs. Wish I could be here when they will get one! I bought some earphones for my IPOD since mine have been broken for the longest time and i`ve just been too lazy to get new ones. After the mall closed we went to the movie rental place and I rented this movie about Snow White but with eal people, I might watch it tonight. We then went to the convenience store and I bought a snack, and now here I am typing this ^^.
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photo by: maka77