Japan - August 4, 2007

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Even though i haden`t slept in 2 days i still woke up at 6am. I tried going back to sleep but no luck. I waited up until 9:30 then couldn`t take it anymore and woke up my friend. We went downstairs and had breakfast/lunch. We had fruit and these brown noodles with pork in them. I usually dislike noodles in the states but these were soooo good. We watched T.V while we ate which is quite an experience in you don`t speak japanese. After we ate we got ready and went out to buy some snacks. OMG is it hot and humid in japan ... I wa sso glad when we got back to her house. We watched the movie Freaky Friday .. basically all the movies here are either American or Korean. I talked to Jeff on the phone and it felt so good to hear his voice ... I still miss him so much D: I also called my parents. I miss them too. We then got ready to go to the fireworks in Tokyo. We wore Yutaka`s which are japanese summer kimono. It took a long time to get to the fireworks site. First we took a bus, then a long subway ride into Tokyo!!On the way there thought there were so many people that I almost passed out from the heat so we had to get out of the subway for a while. I caught my first glimpse of Tokyo at Shibuya station at that big intersection you always see on T.V. We then took another subway to the fireworks ... When we got there we met Yui`s friend. She was nice and spoke a little english. It was quite good considering she`d never been to an english speaking country before. The major thing i noticed was that japanese fireworks are like 2 hours straight while American ones are like 30 mins max. We ate yakatori which is chicken skin, which sounds gross but its really good. We left early as to avoid the large crowds that would be at the end. I fell asleep on the subway, when we got back to the house I just took a shower than went straight to sleep ... I was so tired.
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photo by: maka77