Japan - August 31, 2007

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So today Yui and I hung around the house until about 3:30, she was then headed over to her boyfriends house, and I decided to go to Shibuya. The trip there is like nothing now, haha right when i`m getting used to going places myself i`m like leaving. Anyways so i went there mostly to buy Jeff a shirt. There`s the shibuya 109 store but then there`s a second one called Shibuya 109 - 2 which has 2 floors dedecated to guys clothing. It was actually REALLY scary, don`t ask me why, but I was like the only girl looking around the guys floors [did none of the guys have g/fs, or are the g/fs too cheap to get anything for their bf`s ever?] but yeah they also had like really loud music which they don`t on the girls floors and there`s not as many people shopping so like all the male workers are swarmed over you [bet some of you would love that! haha japanese guys swarming you, i guess i would too if i were single]. But yeah anyways so I bought Jeff a shirt at the average price of $90! rediculious really. But I love the shirt, just praying to god it`s not too small since J-guys maybe tend to be small and they only have a 1 size fits all type size. Ok I went across the street after that and went to the regular 109 store and got this shirt i`d been wanting & i saw this wicked cute wallet with "Alice in Wonderland" on it, I think it was prob meant for punks since Alice things usually are since the movie/book are creepy ... at least i think so! haha. But yeah, after that I went back to the subway station then I went to get something to eat since Yui said that her mom probably wasn`t going to make any dinner since her and her father wouldn`t be home until later. So I walked around the station and bought a dinner and 2 J-mags, one for myself and one for a friend, which are heavy as heck! I felt like I was carrying gallons of milk or soda or something, in high-heels too!! I finally struggled to the bus' and took it back to Yui`s. There I ate the dinner i`d bought at the convenience store, not an hour later her mom said she`s made dinner, ugh no! haha but i ate it anyways, it was good. Yui came home shortly thereafter and then yeah .. that`s about it, haha.
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photo by: maka77