Japan - August 30, 2007

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So today Yui & I woke up around 10. We got dressed and stuff and her boyfriend came over around 11:30 - 12:00 we ate lunch and then we headed off to Disney Sea around 1:30. First I had to get money from the bank then we were off. It took a while to get there. Around 1 1/2 hours. We took a bus, then 3 subways, then a tram to get into Disney Sea. We got there around 3 so we got discounted tickets [it`s a lot better to do it this way]. First we headed to the ride "Journey to the center of the earth" we got these fastpass tickets so we could ride it later too [aweosme how here you don`t need to pay extra for fastpass, just have to wait a while]. The line was about 45 minutes and we finally got into the ride, the good thing about Disney is that they have AWESOME atmosphere so even though the line`s long there`s so much to look at you kind of don`t care as much. That ride was cool, there was this monster in it and right after you see the monster you drop, haha. After we headed to the ride "Indiana Jones - Cure of the crystal skulls" [which ARE real BTW supposidly there are like 13 or something and once we find them all we`ll have reached our full mental capabilities and start going backwards or the earth will end ... we`ve only found 7]. So yeah that line wasn`t as long as the first rides was, we ate these sausage thinggies wrapped in french bread while we waited, and then we got on the ride, it was awesome, i loved this ride, indiana jones was popping out all over the place, indiana jones speaking japanese, sexy, haha! j/k but yeah then we went to "Tower of Terror" i`d gone on the one at Disney World, but this plot was a lot better. The story was that the owner of the hotel was one of those late 1800s explorers, except he stole all his artifacts, there were tons of "artifacts" in there to look at and murals on the wall showing him stealing them and the natives chaseing him then newpaper articles of him saying how they gave them to him, haha. Well supposidly he stole this sacred doll from Africa and it was cursed so it killed him, by having him drop in the elevator. Also when you`re going up in the ride it`s pitch black, i don`t remember the one in florida being that way. So yeah I loved that ride. After that we went on this stupid rollar coaster which the only good part was the loop. After we ate & headed into Ariels world, we went on only one ride there because it was made for kids really, but took pictures there. Yui lost her Mickey ears so she told a guard, they are so good about that kind of stuff, the lady radioed all over the park and someone had found them!! In a U.S park they`d be like "too bad". But yeah after that we went shopping, I got a couple things, then we went into the Arabian Nights land. It was so awesome there, figs my camera runs out of battery when we go there!! GRRR i would have taken so many pics. But yeah there were all these shows and stuff and fireworks and we watched some. We then went on the Carosel, It was a 2 story one so of course we went on top. I rode a Camel, Yui got Genie. We then went on the Journey to the center, ride again. & then some more walking around, then the TOT ride again to end the night ^^ It took us longer to get back because we left at park closing time, so there were tons of people. Took us 2 Hours & now here I am. :]
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photo by: maka77