Japan - August 27, 2007

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Okay so today when I woke up there he was again [Yui`s boyfriend I mean], haha it`s weird waking up thinking that you`re alone or at least just with your female friend and there`s a guy in the room as well ... well anyways, haha. I got ready and stuff and it was fun because we watched "are you afraid of the dark" episodes, haha. It was really fun, Yui`s boyfriend didn`t get them, but it was fun all the same. We didn`t realise how long we`d been watching them but it must have been quite a while because Yui had to leave for work at 4PM and 4PM came pretty fast. After they left I wanted one more episode "The tale of the Pinball wizard" & decided I was really really hungry. No one was home besides one of her brothers and his girlfriend so I decided to venture out on my own, haha. I walked the mile or so to the 7&Holdings [which I think is a 7-11] by the time I got there I was really really really hungry so I bought some snacks, including frog flavored chips which was really good BTW, and some oven roasted ones. I also bought two drinks Fanta & Coke and a dinner meal with chicken in it. After walking back to Yui`s house I ate the dinner & hung around for a while. Yui came home around 9PM and we had a second dinner, which I wasn`t very hungry for having eaten earlier but it looked good so I ate as much as I could stuff myself with. :P After dinner I went upstairs on the internet for a while then sleep.
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photo by: maka77