Japan - August 26, 2007

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So today Yui and I woke up, got ready, & headed out to Harajuku. It took 2 subways to get there. Right when you step out of the subway station at Harajuku you are across the street from "Snoopy Town" which is a snoppy store ^^ i`d been looking forward to going here so I was excited. It wasn`t a huge store like some of the Hello Kitty stores i`d seen in Japan but it was bigger than anything they`d have in the states. Ah snoopy is so cute. I bought a bunch of presents there [can`t say what the things are ^^] and some things for myself too haha ... the bill was rather large [65$] but whatever you couldn`t get this stuff in the U.S .. we then walked around Harajuku looking at all the stores, a TON of them where those weird stores where all the Cos-Play people go. I wish I could have taken some pics of that but it wasn`t allowed :[ There wasn`t a lot of people dressed up at all ... Yui said it was because it was so hot and cosplay costumes usually have tons of layers .. so that was somewhat disapointing since when you think Harajuku you think "Fruits" and Harajuku girls, haha. I did see one crazy ass guy though [white too!!] with like all these feathers all over him .. it was sort of scary. I bought a cute shirt at a regular people store, haha. We then headed over to the "Oriental Bazzar" which had a bunch of Kimono & trinkets. I bought a lucky cat. There where SO many foreigners there .. like 9/10 people where not Asian. Haha so if you ever feel homesick in Japan go to the Oriental Bazzar in Harajuku. Everyone was saying things like "Omg they`ll love it, it looks SOOO JAPANESE" haha! I wanted to get this laquer jewlery box but it was like $60 .. no thanks. After we walked around a bit more we went into this store called "Kiddy Land" and saw these 2 really cute bear people standing outside it. There were so many cute things in that store it was hard not to overbuy, but I got some notebooks and a cup which have these school people on them, after that we walked through Takeshita Street then took a subway to Shin-Okubo which is the noted "Koreatown" of Tokyo. First you notice that most signs are in Korean that really distinquishes it as a K-town. We went into this store that sells posters and stuff with Korean celebrities on them .. ah I was in heaven! I`ve had dreams about stores like this! I bought 2 posters [which will prob cost me a fortune to send back home, haha], a Bi[Rain] 2008 calender, 2 clip thinggies, and this small photo thinggie ... bill [$40] .. we then went to find someplace to eat, we settled on this Korean returaunt that looked promising. When we got inside they had plasma T.V`s with DBSK singing on the screen and there where all these pictures of Korean celebs on the walls with their sigs on them. I was happy to see Bi`s picture up there!! I took a picture of the wall before some people sat down in front of it, haha. I had Kimchi Chigae, of course, :P the food was good. After eating we headed back to Yokohama, and after arriving home I logged onto the internet and here I am.
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photo by: maka77