Japan - August 24, 2007

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Today we woke up around 6:30AM to get ready to go to this waterpark at the edge of Tokyo called Summer Land. I believe it just opened this July. The trip to the waterpark was long, 2 hours travel by public transportation. Tireing. First we took the bus, then 2 Subways, then walked a bit, then after bus which took us directly to the waterpark. [1st we ate at "Mr. Donuts"] The trip was worth it though, with these special tickets we got we go into the park for 1,500\ opposed to the 3,500\ without a special ticket ... awesome deal. Once we got into the park I noticed that it had a roof over it which I was skeptical about. Luckily we found out that it was just a very small part of the park that was covered which included 2 rides, the wave pool, & like eating areas. We laid out our towels and stuff and then the fun begins!! ^^ First we went and did this obsticle course type thing, it reminded me of a live mario party or something. It was called "swingging monkey`s" and there was a cargo net above you and these pad type things you had to get across the "river" while trying not to fall in, let me tell you it`s HARD we attempted this thing 3 times and not once did I get across without falling in at least 2 - 3 times. After we headed to this large waterslide and waited in that line for quite a while, it was fun though it was one of those really twisty ones. This waterslide was overlooking the lazy river & we did some people watching, haha. I found myself playing "spot the foreigners" game ... which TRUST ME .. if you`re one of the very very few foreigners around you`ll find yourself doing it wheither you want to or not. I spotted 5 throughout the day. After the waterslide we went back to our towels and ate lunch. I had a riceball and peach tea .. by Lipton .. umm I never saw it in the U.S before, but Lipton is a U.S brand]. After lunch we headed to this other waterslide, we had 7 people with us so we did rock paper scissors to see who had to ride alone, guess who lost .. gahh but thankfully they let Yui come on a second time so I wouldn`t be alone. After we went into the lazy river. We spent a LOONG time in here, I was getting so cold and it was starting to get a little dark when we got out. Thankfully this waterpark doesn`t close when the sun goes down like most all U.S parks. It closes at 8:30 well after the sun sets [it seems to set a lot earlier than in the U.S] After that we walked around a lot. I mean there were SO many things to explore ... they had all these like caves and stuff which seemed to actually go underground and there where like Hot Springs!! It was so awesome. There where also those like Tiki huts with Jacuzzi`s in them and those little kids forthouses with like all these pully strings to pour water on people and stuff, we went on the little kids slides which where like dangerous! Haha. You flew so fast and like landed hard on the bottom of the wading pool. There where even these like rockwall things to climb with water running down them ... trust me you wouldn`t find some of this stuff in U.S parks there`d be too many law suits going on, haha. We had so much fun, for dinner I had Takuyaki which is like octopus balls [no sickos!] with sauce. After dinner we went back into the hot springs and the wave pool before the park closed. & even though the park was closed they kept the changing rooms open for another hour [would NOT happen in the U.S they usher you out back home]. They even have like really nice showers and blow dryers and everything in the changing areas. So then it was time for the 2 hour ride back to Yokohama, on the bus ride I sat with one of Yui`s friends and we chatted a bunch, she says her english was so horrible but I could understand her very well, I guess she`d come to the U.S as an exchange student as well but only for 2 weeks yeah, unluckily I ended up standing up most of the time on the subways too because they where kind of crowded. After we finally got back to her house I went upstairs where I am typing this now, haha.!!
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photo by: maka77