Japan - August 23, 2007

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Yui & I hung around most of the morning after getting ready for the day. Nothing exciting happened until her boyfriend came over around 3PM. They went upstairs while I was eating lunch, & since I didn`t feel like walking in on them having sex or something [sorry for being graphic, haha] I waited until Yui came downstairs [which was something like 2 hours later] all of which time i`d been watching a horror film. When she came downstairs it was to ask if i`d like to go out for dinner, der yeah & it ended up being THE BEST dinner ever. We went to this place around Yui`s house, a Japanese BBQ place. It was dark and relaxing inside. They had these tables where there`s raised Tatami mats so you`re basically kneeling at the table [well until our knees started hurting and we sat on our butts, haha]. Like all Asian BBQs there was a grill in the center [this was was different in that it wasn`t a built in grill]. We had tons of beef and soups and our fruit mixed drink!! haha. Pineapple, it was sooo good ... yeah they don`t really card in Japan which is TOTALLY different than the U.S thank you. I was fine with my 1 drink, not even tipsy but Yui was almost completely gone after 1/2 a drink, she slept some at the table, so her boyfriend and I ate most of the food, haha. She woke up cohearent after a while, but yeah i`m glad I don`t go down that fast. But yeah the food was amazing, the bill came up to around $60 .. so roughly $20 each which for the meal I didn`t mind paying. We even managed to stuff down some dessert which I almost never do. After dinner we went back to her place completely satisfied and slept, which everyone should know how good it feels to sleep after a large/delicious meal ... it was like Thanksgiving.
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photo by: maka77