Japan - August 21, 2007

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So I thought today was going to be another do-nothing day [which I didn`t want haha, I hate sitting around doing nothing becuase it`s Japan!! for one, I have a limited time here, & i`ll start thinking about missing Jeff too :P] Haha but around 5 Yui said we should get ready because we were going to her boyfriends house to clean it [trust me it was MESSY when we went there a few days earlier ... like MESSY]. I was happy becuase it was something to do. Her mother came home around 6 and drove us to the subway station. We stopped at a 7-11 convienence store and bought some dinners to bring to his house since we didn`t feel like cooking. When we got to his house Yui said I didn`t have to clean [thank god since it would be kind of weird to pick up someone elses boyfriends`s dirty underwear, yuck haha. Half the time she wasn`t cleaning either because we where chatting the whole time but she got a majority of the mess cleaned up. We called his cell when we got there to let him know we where in his apartment & that if a neighbor called the cops asking why 2 girls where alone in his apartment that he coulod vouch for us, haha. But yeah we wanted him to get us some fruity mixed drinks when we came back from work but he ended up having to stay late so we had to leave before :[ So yeap we went back to Yui`s around 10PM then you know the rest ^^
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photo by: maka77