Japan - August 13, 2007

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This morning when we woke up we headed for the hot springs. It was somewhat embarrasing since you had to be naked save for a little [and i mean like face towel size] towel. The hot springs did feel good though. There were all these rooms to go into too like a steam room and a room for washing your hair and of course the pools of almost scaulding hot water. After spending a fair amount of time at the hot springs and drying our hair we went back to her grandmother`s place and packed since we were headed back to Yui`s house later that evening. I really enjoyed Osaka so I wasn`t looking forward to leaving. I fell asleep on the couch for a little while then when I woke up we left shortly after. We 1st went to this mall complex so her grandmother could buy a Coach purse [so expensive here!!] We even got to go to this pre-viewing party type thing which was invitation only. They even had food there and champigne with people in tux`s serving it to you, haha. It was kind of cool. After we said our farewells and went into the station. We had to wait about an hour or so before we caught the train back to Yokohama station. When we got back it was 9pm and we where exausted so we just ate a small dinner and went to sleep.
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photo by: maka77