Japan - August 2 & 3, 2007

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jeff dropped me off at logan at 6am so i could catch my flight to chicago. i thought it would take a long time to go through all the lines to catch my flight, but it didn`t in fact it took less than an hour. i then waited for my flight at 9am. i talked to jeff and my parents before boarding the flight, i was so nervous!!. the plane was small really small and it was a full flight but thankfully one of the only empty seats was right next to me!! the flight from boston to chicago seemed really short [at least that part was .. ha] when i got to chicago the airport was easier to navigate than i thought so i got to the japan airlines counter in less than an hour as well. i called jeff at the airport before my flight and called my friend yui to make sure she knew which gate to pick me up from. once i boarded the flight there was an american guy sitting next to me, i was happy because he`d been to japan before so we talked the whole 14 hr flight ... it didn`t really make it any shorter but at least i wasn`t sitting staring at the moniter the whole time. they also had movies on the flight, i watched shrek 3. i couldn`t sleep even though most of the flight they had the shades and lights down. too nervous and excited!! about an hour before we landed i got really nervous again .. i started to get a headache too. i mean it dawned on me i am not in america anymore .. omg i am going to a country where i do not know the language and is thousands of miles from my home ... :P i still felt nervous when we got off the plane but i was so happy, there where all these signs saying "welcome to japan" .. yay i was finally here! it was really confusing and there were so many people in the airport so i followed the american guy i`d met on the plane since he knew where we were going. i had to go through like 3 check in things before i was finally able to go to the luggage pickup room. well the round thing came around like 3 times before i realised ... omg where is my luggage? i asked one of the workers and she told me that they`d have to fill out a lost luggage report and would call me at my residence in japan once they located it ... you can imagine what i was thinking!! thankfully the lady was very nice [as are people in general in japan] and she called my friend to explain the situation and guide me to where she was waiting for me. it was weird seeing my friend after 2 years but in a good way, she looked pretty much the same, her mother was also there and i got to meet her as well, her mom is really pretty and really nice. when my friend, yui told me we were driving back to her house i was so happy!! i was not looking forward to riding a train or a subway back to her house after a long flight like that. the drive from narita airport to yokohama is a 2 hour ride. we caught up on the ride back to her house. while looking out the window and seeing all the signs in kanji it dawned on me ... wow i`m really here!! we got to her house and i settled in for a while, japanese homes are very different than american ones, taller rather than long as the case seems to be everywhere in japan. japanese showers though are the hardest adjustment, i had heard about the use of japanese bathrooms in the past before, of course but to actually be in one is a different story, haha. the one funny thing is that the toilet and the shower are in different rooms, i didn`t expect that. after showering and borrowing a shirt from my friend we headed out so i could pick up some toiletries for the next day. i went into my first japanese mall and likes the homes it was long, instead of having 1 or 2 floors like in america there were around 6 with only 4~5 stores on each floor. after shopping we went to eat sushi!! yay sushi my first night in japan. the sushi resturaunt had a revolving counter which had the sushi on it, you just grab the plate you want and the color of the plate corresponds to the price. i`d seen this once on the travel chanell but it`s much cooler in real life. with your sushi you got this huge and i mean huge bowl of miso .. i could only keep down 1/2 the contents of the bowl. the sushi here is so much better than back home in the u.s ... how will i go back to the stuff at home? after eating it hit me that i haden`t slept in almost 2 days and i was exausted so once we got back to her house i went into my futon ^^ and fell right to sleep.
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photo by: maka77