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The cowboy boots in front of Northgate Mall

We headed north of San Antonio to go shopping in San Marcos (about a 30-45 min drive) where the Prime and Tanger Outlet malls are.  Well, this is the most disappointing shopping trip I've had seeing that every year I go here, I find good deals $10 or less.  Labor Day weekend?  Nada!!!!  But as far as pets go, yes you can walk your leashed doggie around the place.  How would you go shopping?  Well, my husband was ever so kind to watch Ewok while my sis and I shopped.  But I saw some pet owners that have smaller dogs than mine, like dachsunds or those toy dogs, and they carried them in the store!!  At the Prime Outlet mall, there's a doggie grassy area where they can do their business.

My dog waiting relaxing in the backseat anticipating the next stop.

We headed back to SA and saw signs to Natural Wildlife Ranch.  Normally, we'd have a coupon from brochures but we forgot to grab one from the hotel.  We decided to stop by and check the rates and plus we wanted to see Ewok's reaction to the animals! haha  At the ranch, you basically just drive through while the animals are all around and you and you can feed them through your open window.  Well, we got to the pay window and the lady explained it is $15.50 per adult and you get a free bag of feed.  Ok if yall read my profile, I'm a "cheap" and tight-on-budget traveler.  We were like WHAT!  lol You go through the park in like 15-20 min. - I didn't think it was worth it, unless you have kids with you and want the memories! lol  I remember going here as a kid, and for sure if it cost that much back then, my parents definitely wouldn't have taken us there!  They're worse than me! lol  Anyways, the lady continued to explain that since Ewok was with us, we had to keep our windows closed and that we could not feed the animals, obviously.  So we decided not to go through the ranch. :)

Northgate mall

Attempted to go to the Natural Wildlife Ranch.

Went to church

stabber911 says:
that shoes sure really big!!
Posted on: Dec 05, 2007
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The cowboy boots in front of North…
The cowboy boots in front of Nort…
My dog waiting relaxing in the bac…
My dog waiting relaxing in the ba…
Park we attempted to go to.
Park we attempted to go to.