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Well this past weekend I flew over to Glasgow in Scotland to wrestle for British Championship Wrestling, and get a crack at their Cruiserweight title in the process.
The trip started from home where I lugged my giant suitcase down the stairs & onward towards the bus I went.
After a short journey to Dublin airport I arrived & went to departures where I was relieved to see a friendly face, an old pal by the name of Alanna. You see, I probably should have mentioned this before, but this was my very first trip anywhere of considerable distance completely alone, no family, no friends, no other wrestlers. Just me, heading out into the world to make a name.
That's why seeing Al, who works in the airport, was such a major relief. We chatted for about 10mins before she had to go do some work & I had to check in for my flight. Shit one, now I would really be on my own.
After checking in I contemplated heading straight to my gate to pass the time reading, before hearing my mobile phone beeping. A text from Alanna: "Down in arrivals, bored stiff, come down for a chat if you want." Score!
After playing catch up on the news, I decided I really should head to my gate, & luckily enough, Al decided she'd tag along because there was nothing else for her to do until her shift ended. We talked for another maybe 20mins before she was told she could head on home by her supervisor. Whipping out my trusty book('The Teenage Dirtbag Years' By Ross O'Carrol-Kelly) to stave off the boredom I waited it out until my flight was called.

After a short flight to Scotland, I landed & was picked up by a friendly chap by the name of Lionheart, as well as being quite talented in the ring, Lionheart is also always a very generous person, offering lifts whenever he can. We wet to the town of Paisley in Scotland where we were to meet Colin McKay to put up some posters for tomorrows show. Since I was staying with Colin that night anyway, this was also a handy way for Lionheart to get me to Colin for the evening. After ridin with Colin back to his apartment in East Kilbride, we ate a bit of supper, & Colin drifted off to sleep. I meanwhile, stayed awake & read some of Hulk Hogan's autobiography which Colin happened to have lying around. I drifted off to sleep.

The beginning of the next day(show day) was greeted by Colin awakening me by hitting two elbow drops on myself while I was still on his guest bed. We zipped out of his apartment & ran some errands before show time.
We arrived at the hall in Paisley, with most of the crew already there & the ring set up, score! I had a match, it was ok, & we went back to Colin's to eat Indian food(my first ever) & more reading of the Hogan biography for me.

Saturday was a day of relaxation, with nothing to do we decided to stroll around East kilbride until my flight from Prestwick at 9pm. After spending money on a novelty key ring we headed towards Paisley so Tommy Turner(Colin's tag partner) could pick up his car that he left there the night before. After that we travelled to a small shop ran by one of Colin's friends(and a very nice man at that). Nearing my go home time, we decided we would make tracks for the airport, but noticing a road sign for Ayr, I had a plan! I asked Colin if it would be ok for us to stop by & say hi to Drew Galloway, one of Colin's wrestlers & Scotlands greatest export. Drew, you see, is heading to wwe soon! And therefore, this soggy miserable Saturday would be the last time I would ever see the guy before he became a huge star in the world of wrestling.

Content that I had taken up enough of the big man's gym time we headed for Prestwick, I said my goodbyes to Colin & lashed on the ol' ipod for my 2hour wait until take off. While this was going on. I bought a Scottish themed Sweatband(which I'm wearing as I type this) and a fridge magnet for my mother. another brief flight & I'm back on Irish soil again. Another brief  bus journey & I'm on the short road up to my house, I get in the door continue reading my book & life is once again as normal as can be.
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