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As usual, whilst attempting to write assignments, I try to find as many things to distract me as possible. Today's major distraction is my summer holidays. One of my friend's is travelling around Croatia for 3 weeks, which would be fantastic, but I've already done it. And seeing as I have limited funds (well, nothing at the moment but hopefully by then I'll have a bit more!) I'd prefer to spend money going somewhere new. And one of my ideas was Morocco. So I looked into that and saw another trip to Africa for 3 weeks, but although the trip itself is only £450, the flights there and back are almost £1000, so that cancels that one out! So now it's back to Morocco, and rather than do a tour, I think I'll just do it independently. This is assuming I can find someone who wants to do it with me. I'm not brave enough to do it on my own!

Having met loads of Moroccans when I lived in France, I really wanted to go, and I'm hoping this might be a possibility for this summer. Eek! I just need to find places to see, and a possible route. All the practicalities really. I've written on one of the forums, and I've facebooked a friend who has family living there, so hopefully I can find myself some cheaper (free?!) accommodation while I'm out there. The flights out there are a LOT cheaper than flying to Nairobi then back from Victoria Falls (the previous idea/option!). But I like travelling on a budget, it makes things all the more exciting, and really pushes you to look into things a lot more rather than just doing it. I think it also gets you more into a local feel.

Oh well, I will keep updated on this idea. I'm going to have to assess my finances for the next few months. I'm going on placement on Tuesday, and I've decided to cycle cos it takes about a third of the time as getting the bus, so that will a) save on gym membership and b) save on public transport costs. And also, seeing as I'll be on placement, I doubt I'll have the energy to go out all the time! Or the time to go out all the time! So hopefully I can just live off babysitting money, which would enable me to put aside the government bursary I get for my teaching course, and that can towards my holiday...phew!

Over and out!
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