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Well, here I am, the first entry to my new blog! I can't see how this is going to be exciting at all, but we'll see! I have such an exciting life normally that I'm sure I can find something interesting to write about. (Thats sarcasm in case noone picked up on it)

I've spent so much time on here recently (I've only just started working, I've had two weeks of doing nothing other than dog-sit which invovled getting up at 8h to feed him, going back to bed for 2.5 hours then getting up to walk him. Then feed him again at 17h and walk him. And that was it. Other than that, I've either been out partying or sitting on the computer writing Travel blogs and uploading photos!) that I earned myself three awards, in two days! For which I am very pleased with, and I'd like to say thanks to everyone for the congrats that I received!

Having completed my massive work-in-progress that was my blog of 2006 (2 months in SE-Europe) I am now going to start adding my littler ones, which weren't large travels, more holidays, and its just going to be photos with a few lines. This isn't cos I'm lazy, its only that they wre so long ago that I can't remember anything, or I didn't arrange it and therefore have no idea!

My Thailand  one which I will start soon will have all the place names, but I'll be honest that I can't remember the exact things we did in each place! But its only because I have a schedule that I've kept which has all the places we went to. Plus a list of all the photos that I took (a lot!)

Anyway, I have now lost all circulation to my hands from typing so much and spending time on the computer! And, seeing as I'm now working, I should really get to bed before I get carried away with doing anything else!!
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photo by: tamsynj