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Well, here I am, still in Twickers, with a week to go til the return to uni, and another year of study!

I seem to have almost completely got over my post-Corsica blues. Probably because I have no time to think about it really. Working is taking up most of my time, and although its incredibly stressful, I just keep thinking about the money, and that I can pay of about 0.5% of my debt. (Thats a serious over-exaggeration, but my debts are extremely high, I can tell you that!)

I seem to have come across a lucky streak in the last week - I found £20 on the platform at Kingston train station, and then a tenner lat night on the toilet floor of O'Neills in Richmond. Unfortunately the tenner from last night got spent straight away on another bottle of wine (to my regret this morning - I have finally got to the point where I am not able to go out and drink a lot before a work day! Its a downward spiral from here on!!)

I still can't decide about whether I'm looking forward to going back to uni or not. I've changed my career plans (yet again!) and decided that I'm not patient enoguh to be a teacher. So I'm going to apply to the Foreign Office, they have a FastStream programme for grad students which is apparently impossible to get onto. But its worth a try anyway. I've decided before I do that though, that I will do a post-grad (yes, that will tip my student debt to almost £30k!!!! ) in London. For which, unfortunately for myself and my family, I will have to move home for. But I'll be able to work part-time thats for sure. Obviously I will have to study a fair amount as well...but, well, we'll see! Having said all that, I have to a) see how I survive this year, and b) can I really cope with the work involved in a Masters? I have til March to work that out, so I don't need to panic too much!!

This year at uni is going to be uber-busy. I am going to be studying (very hard of course... :)  ), I need to rack up a few extra-curricular activities cos my CV is lagging a bit. I did my Sports Leader Award two years ago so I think I'll start that again, its good fun, voluntary work, and kids benefit from your time so its a rewarding experience. Plus I've decided I'm going to join the Army Cadet Force - think it gives a lot of all-round skills etc. And I've decided I'm going to learn Arabic. Which could be interesting, I think its a very valuable language at this moment in time. Oh, and I'm doing a bit of paid work here and there for my aunt and my mum, to keep the money coming in! And somewhere in all of that, I have to go out and party - hardcore until Christmas cos after that it will be head down...books study study. Eurgh. Oh, and of course I also need to actually go to my lectures. And the gym. And the supermarket. Oh god, going back to uni life isn't beginning to sound so appealing!!!!

Off to a wedding this weekend, my room mate from when I worked in Corsica in 2004 is getting married. So exciting, its my first proper wedding (ie in a church - all the others have been in registry offices, which just aren't the same!!) So I've got my posh frock all sorted out. I don't do girly!

Anyway, that was the lamest journal entry I think I have ever written, but hey ho! I like to sit and waffle, and its passed the time!!
Aopaq says:
Your waffling entry made me smile...but a debt of 30k...I cannot even imagine! Good luck with learning Arabic ... that is a wonderful excuse to visit Syria where many folk go to learn the language!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2007
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