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Well, my life is yet again returning, slowly, back to normal. Except my life changes so often at the moment, I hardly know whats normal! Once I've finished my PGCE and (hopefully!) got a job, my life will be normal!

My family are away and I'm dog-sitting. I guess I should be grateful for that (I moan about having to get up at 8am to feed him!) cos if I didn't have to do that, I'd probably never leave the house, or my computer!

I've actually got quite a lot of prep to do for my course beginning on the 8th, but, as usual, I'm finding it hard to gather up motivation to do it. I'm not the most academically driven person to be honest! I've managed to continue so far, but I can assure you that I'm  quite looking forward to not having to study and write assignments anymore! I managed to get an mid-high 2:2 as a result of doing very little work in my second year (I actually did more in my final year but thats not saying much!) One think that is good about my PGCE is that I don't have exams, I just have 5 essays over the 10 months and 18 weeks of school experience placement (scary!!)

I have to admit that actually, I don't really know what I want to do in life, I have nothing that I REALLY want to do. I'd like to be a UN ambassador but I need money. And however much I love to travel, I can't have a job that means I have to travel all the time, I want a fmaily at some point! I'm sure there are ways and means of combining it. But I'm not sure! Being a primary school teacher means I will be able to have a job, and do something I (vaguely) want to do, and give me plenty of holidays to travel in. 6 weeks over a summer period means I can go to one area and travel it in-depth, and the 2 week holidays at Christmas and Easter I can do somewhere as well. I'm thinking of working in a private school, just so I can get 3 extra weeks summer!

Anyway, enough of the tittle tattle...over and out!
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