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Back at uni, finally! I've moved into halls for the first time, so I'm interested to see how this goes! I', living with three guys and two girls. The second girl hasn't moved in yet though. And the other one seems very quiet. And the three guys are very loud - as I'm writing this, I have them, and about 10 other people in our sitting room...and they kept me up til 3am last night! I'm gonna let it go til the end of Freshers week but after that - *slap slap*. I've become an old fogey! I don't mind people having fun - I'm an extreme patryer but I have respect for people arund me!

Just the though of having to study is fairly frightening - after a year of working, partying and...well thats about it...studying won't come easily! I don't think. But I'm determined to work hard and be motivated. BUt I've never been like that before so I don't see why it should be any different to be honest!

Well...we'll see!!

I just came back from a weekend in Huntingdon for my friend's wedding and it was an expensive one - despite not having to buy a single drop of alcohol, I lost my phone and my friend broke my camera! So I'm currently phoneless and cameraless! Thankfully I was due an upgrade on my phone anyway so I've got one coming my way. And I managed to find another camera, exactly the same, on eBay for only £70 so my friend who broke it is paying so it didn't work out all that bad!

But I realised that although I love photography, I rarely take pictures of things in my area. Ie things I see everyday, if you get me. I don't fully appreciate my local surroundings! Although in fact, having already lived in Bristol for three years, I've still not seen the Clifden suspension bridge, the zoo, HMS Great Britain or been to Bath. I'm useless really!
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photo by: petit_gooroo