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We booked the trip to Valencia as a spur of the moment, gee that's a cheap flight, sort of weekend. We were mostly just happy to be heading back to Spain - we always have a great time there, love the country, language, and attitude to life.
Didn't put a huge amount of thought into what to see and do to be honest. We've got really lazy lately like that - early trips involved extensive planning and reading, these days half the time we don't even know which hotel or hostel we've made a booking at, let alone things to see and do.
Anyway, Valencia is kind of a summer, beachy kind of place. Since we there in mid-January, hanging around on the beach, even if we wanted to, wasn't really an option. We had a wonder around the town which is really your typical, old Spanish place - lots of narrow streets leading to more narrow streets, bar's and cafe's everywhere and always a buzz of things happening and people talking. Climbed a sort of gate thing (I used to know the name of it, but it eludes me, I'll add it later) for a look around. Needed a rest so went into the local ancient church (church's are so very useful for that - warm in winter, cool in summer, and always a spare seat you can hang around in for as long as you like without being hassled. View can be quite good too!), which turned out to be kind of a conglomeration of three different churches. Just of to the side of one of the churches was a small chapel with a give away sort of name (also to be added later when I think of it), and inside the Holy Grail. Yes, seriously, there's a cup in there that Valencianos claim is the Holy Grail. That was a nice moment!
One of the big things about Valencia is it's new Science-y type museum place, which includes a huge aquarium. We went down there to have a look around. It was brilliant, spent ages wondering through the park, and then through the under water tunnels.

The moment of the trip - probably of the year - was in the polar region areas. Aside from the walrus doing laps of it's pool (they are huge!!), and the penguins, they had a couple of beluga whales. One of them, bored of doing laps, came over to the front of the pool, blew out a stream of bubbles and stopped, hanging vertically and stared at us. It moved slowly along the line, pausing in front of each person for a few seconds and moving on. It was an astonishing contact with the whale, completely unexpected and really mindblowing.

All too soon though, we were packing up and heading home to London and back to work.

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photo by: spocklogic