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Barbie's House in Toys-R-Us NY, great store

New York is pretty cool. Although it's not somewhere I'd ever really want to live, the metropolitan feeling is great. The museums are fab and although Jim wont take me, I do enjoy the theater and there's a ton on offer. There's also... back to the food... GREAT FOOD! Roxy's in Time Square is like old fashion diner food, it reminds me of Diana's Sweet Shop in Port Huron Michigan which as been gone now for a number of years... Only the portions are massive at Roxy's. HUGE! And they had what I consider, and I am a cheese cake queen, the best freaking cheesecake in the entire world. Yes, I have been to the cheesecake factory, I have had home made cheesecake, I have had it all... but, this cheesecake in it's huge quantity with it's yummy texture and sweetness is the very best in all the world and can not be beaten.

Time Square
So says the queen of cheesecake. Also, they have the very best of pickles in the entire world! Crunchy, salty... they have every type known to man I swear! The New York City Pickle Guys are my men! I love them, we were walking down the road somewhere around China Town and Little Italy and we come across what looks like a lorry drive, inside this little sloped sort of like driveway are big barrels of pickles and all things pickled! So, I take two and ate them by the time we hit the next block! After that for every birthday or romantic holiday Jim had delivered to my house 2 gallons of NYC Pickle Guy pickles! When we were in Boston doing wedding stuff we took the limo liner up to NYC for a few days to get away, we went to the pickle guys and bought a gallon right there, over the next week and a half in NYC and back in Boston I polished them off! I love them that much.
Inside the NYC Pickle Guys place, big barrels of pickles, my dream world
New York in general is just good fun. Besides my obvious addiction to pickles and my love of the art museums, there is great shopping to be had, roasted nuts on the street side, gray line open top bus tours, Ellis Island and the statue of liberty and it goes on and on. We've seen the UN building which is sort of dated but still very cool and we've been to Harlem on accident. It's not really like Law and Order or CSI NY, so don't be afraid, but like in any big city, be cautious and alert. It's not the safest place on Earth, you just have to be smart. I don't like the subways there but that's a personal choice, my cousin saw a cop get shot there when she went one time. The cabs are fine for the most part though, if you see someone yelling, just don't yell back and walk away. Time Square is safe for the most part lots of police so if you feel uncomfortable venturing on your own hang out there and get taxis to the museums and it will still fill up your time there. You don't have to push yourself to venture around if you're not comfortable and you can still have a great time. If you go, eat a pickle for me!

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Barbies House in Toys-R-Us NY, gr…
Barbie's House in Toys-R-Us NY, g…
Time Square
Time Square
Inside the NYC Pickle Guys place, …
Inside the NYC Pickle Guys place,…
The NYC Pickle Guys, the best pick…
The NYC Pickle Guys, the best pic…
The Naked Cow Boy in Time Square
The Naked Cow Boy in Time Square
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New York
photo by: herman_munster