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A dip in the pool after all of that heat and sweat is a blessing. I go back to my room to shower and rest a bit. I re-hydrate and crash for a few hours. It's difficult adjusting to the time zone and heat here. I wake from a nap a few hours later and try to reach Wayne and Tash on the walkie. No luck. I decide to get out and have a drink at the bar. There isn't anyone else there but I have light conversation with the bartender. He makes a good Jack and coke.

I go into town and walk around. It takes a minute to get used to the stares. There can't be much MTV or BET showing African-Americans out here. But they sure know football. Since I am bigger than most out here they think I am a football player. I got a similar reaction when I visited Bali. After a few inquiries I just go with it. Not a lot of Americans let alone African-Americans out traveling and exploring like this. Always room for more though. I go into the local two-story internet cafe (Blue Pumpkin) and see that they have ice cream and a food menu. It's pretty cool. Like kicking it on a bed with pillows and small tables for laptops. This is were the cool people hang out and tell others of their journey here. I take off and walk around the main drag called Potts street. I hear Wayne on my walkie. He is up and about and wants to grab some food. He and Tash meet me out a little while later and we choose Kama Sutra. The best indian restaurant in Siem Reap. The food is great and the beautiful hostesses are on point. We've made a good choice.

After we finish dinner we walk back to the hotel and know that we have to pass Martinis. We joke about it and almost pass it by but because of our previous experience (Cambodia - 5) our curiousity gets the best of us and we decide go in. As we walk up we see and hear eight or so Khmer women sitting on the right side of the entrance. We walk by and they keep their eyes on Tash. Since she is the woman and they don't know which of us she is with, they give her the respect of keeping their eyes on her, not Wayne or myself. We go in and are suddenly bombarded by several girls wanting to sell us beer. They are very competitive. It takes us by surprise. We get them to settle down and find seats at a table with barstools. We choose what we are familiar with, Asahi. It's early and we check out the scene which is quite different from the Martinis of Phnom Pehn. This one is set up like a true night club complete with ample dance floor and DJ booth. If you didn't know what was going on you'd see it as one. We eye a few of the girls coming towards us and they ask us if we want a girlfriend. Wayne quickly grabs Tash and points to me. I laugh and say no. One girl walks over to me anyway and grabs me around the waist. I smile and grab her as well. Why not have a girlfriend for now. I hate being the third wheel anyway. She says "You big strong man". I chuckle. She sqeezes me firmly, grabs the bottle and fills my glass. I think to myself yeah, that's they way we (men) like to be treated. She eases back and pulls up a bar stool next to us. She comes with the "What your name, where you from" line. I tell her my name, where I'm from and what I do, she tells me her name. I eventually forget it not really thinking long term with her. We make small talk and look at the crowd as people slowly pour in. I joke with Wayne and Tash about the way most of them are dancing. Not like us who are slaves to the beat. They just move their bodies in a non-rythmic, wrything fashion as if summoning up the freaky sex spirits to the surface. Definitely not what we are used to doing and seeing. I ask the question to myself, does it really matter to be on the beat everytime? No, not here at least.

She gets cozy and grabs and squeezes my Barry White (Johnson, peter, stuff, manhood, pole or whatever you wanna to call it) then says "You big, strong, handsome man". Then she asks me if I want to take her with me. "You want me go with you" she asks. I say no, but thanks for asking. She sqeezes then rubs Barry and says I would like it. Then she asks if I like her as she rubs her waist and breast. She is attractive with an OK body. I try to think past that and think for a moment what that experience would be like as I've never paid for sex. I quickly dismiss it not being able to mentally conjure it up. Even if I wanted to I would not know how to negotiate, pay for or apply other customary things to the adventure. Other than the actual act itself I am totally in the dark. Then their is the most important reason... STD's. That stops all thoughts of anything like that happening, ever. Paying for sex is just not something that I've ever had to think about. I'm OK with being a "John" virgin. She eventually gives up and rejoins the rest of the girls outside. We stay and finish our beers and leave. As we walk out I notice the girls looking at me silently with questioning looks on their face. Wayne and Tash gets half way out of the parking lot before they burst out laughing. I look at them like they are insane an say what the f... is up. They say that they saw the look on my face when she asked me if I wanted her. To them it was funny. I say yeah, yeah, Ha, Ha. And swear to get them back for that.

We go back to the hotel and crash for the next day at the temple.

Tash is a trooper but Wayne and I both know she is still sick.
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