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half of us?
went to san li tun for the first time last night. kinda but not really planned to go. i literally got ready in 15 min, including a shower. then, we all took a cab there.
we got off the cab, had no idea where we were going. some people were asking the gong'an, or the cigarettes guys, or the couple who look like they were about to go home and cook dinner. The whole time i was like yo you needa ask someone who looks like they go out often or something. Then I was like hey ask those and turned out they actually know where they were going. We ended up didnt go there on the first try. so we walked all the way back to where we got off the cab, to this place with live music.
There i didnt order anything, well, because those guys ordered a bottle of erdinger (a german beer), and it cost 80RMB!! Plus, i just finished a big bottle of yanjin pijou.
you can see how much we enjoy the place.
i didnt like loud music + drinking because even if u want to sit and talk and drink, you cant. then some other germans came joined us and they didnt like the place. I jumped at the opportunity to leave, with alex. With one of those guys, we basically started talking about getting naked and boob jobs the first 5 min we met. Then alex said something about me flirting so much, then i stopped. I actually dont think that was flirting. It was just bs-ing.
We finally walked to the clubs Vics & Mix. I think went into vics first but once we stepped into the door, techno was in the house. We didnt like techno, so we wanted to leave but the chinese dutch dude bought the ticket already. Everyone was like.. what are we gonna do! I was like, just return the ticket and the others thought it would be impossible. I just walked up with him and told the person behind the desk that we'd love to go in but theres an emergency and we must leave. He happily complied and gave him back 50RMB. I thought I was amazing.
Went to mix. It was good fun. I like the music. I couldn't believe when I walked into the bathroom they were all squatting toilets! seriously. What's up with the squatting?
But yea I had much fun. Alex and I basically danced half of our time on stage. I got the DJ to play Shakira - Hips Don't Lie, again. I mean, seriously, most of the DJs would happily play Shakira. I don't understand why the DJ at Propaganda was so cocky.
It was a fun night. I am going to SanLiTun again tonight, but it's for Christopher's (Faye's bf) bday at Dave's. We'll see.
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half of us?
half of us?
you can see how much we enjoy the …
you can see how much we enjoy the…
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