A gloomy Friday

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The shabby building
It's ridiculously cloudy outside; the sky is gray and it looks like a storm could hit anytime now. Just realized maybe I should check the weather forecast. I am so not tuned into the local news, unfortunately.
By the way, my tv is making a weird noise and I can't find a channel with news on. Ugh.
Anyways, the more I bike around the campus, the more I find Tsinghua beautiful, in a very minimalist, 1920s China kind of way.
(just randomly, I just realized the cup I've been drinking from for days has dirt all over it. Nice)
My campus is beautiful. I heard every old-looking building has a history to it. I couldn't help smiling just passing through my beautiful school. Kind of contradicting, I needed to go to the registration office to ask some later-already-answered questions.
Door of the shabby building
I biked a good 5-10 mins and got to a really shabby looking building. In all other circumstances, I'd think it is an abandoned building and would not have enter. However, of course, knowing it was where I needed to go, I went inside. Turned out the office was closed on Friday afternoons (!), but the whole atmosphere inside was different. I felt sort of like going back in time, back to the Sun Yatzi days. Soooooo 1920s China. Walked out of the building and I began to appreciate the architecture, although it still looked like it would collapse anytime. Later when I got back, I accidentally read some history on the Tsinghua campus. Apparently Tsinghua, at least the older part of it, used to be one of the royal summer palaces in Qing Dynasty. No wonder why it could be so beautiful, and so Chinese.
Gosh, this school is so much fun. Not like fun haha fun, but more like wow fun.
Just had lunch with Hanni and some Australian students. We went to a new cafeteria. Yet another nice little discovery.
Just finished registering for classes and sent the class descriptions to UMD advisors. I really hope they can approve all the classes.
What else is happening?
China has been fun. I think I'll plan a National Day week trip. Right now, the two destinations I am thinking are Shanghai and Tibet. I think Tibet needs more time and planning. So, probably not in a month.l
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The shabby building
The shabby building
Door of the shabby building
Door of the shabby building
me and my wonderful ice-cream.
me and my wonderful ice-cream. I…
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