my campus is just sooooooooooooo beautiful

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So one day I decided to go to this HKSA meeting and I was lost.
I was glad I was lost.
My campus is just sooooo pretty. It used to be a royal garden. Chinese beauty 果然名不虚传. Here are some of the pics.
I love tsinghua because of all the opportunities it provides.
One day I went to my Chinese Economy Topics class and they have invited a really famous and respectable Chinese economist to speak to us. I'm not even kidding/exaggerating when I say there is not enough room to even stand in the room.
I'd like to stay for the entire lecture, but as I was standing outside the classroom trying to listen to what he had to say, I found myself busier texting others.
That was one.
LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE. It took me a while to squeeze into the room

The next morning, I went to this ceremony/lecture by Eric Maskin. Tsinghua invited him to be our honorable professor. Have I introduced who Maskin is? He is the 2007 Nobel Prize winner in economics!!!!!!! Whoa, not because he is a nobel prizer winner that amazes me, it is the TIME taken to get one on board amazes me. It just seems like it was a month ago when they announced the nobel prize winners. Maybe less time even. Maskin gave a mini lecture on why people procrastinate, and I fell asleep after his brief introduction on this topic becuase I woke up at 7 in the morning. INteresting points tho.

Amazing. I am so happy.

My back hurts soooo much. I can't even bend down to put on my socks. I am really afraid I might be paralyzed soon.

Went to the school's fencing "team" practice. I'm contemplating if I want to go again and REALLY check it out though. The guy was cute, so I MIGHT go again. lolz.
korrahh says:
I was thinking of studying up North as well. But for me south China is way better(I got a few reasons). I was in SZ university it was cool cuz I could hop over to HK every so often (HK is alot like Japan). Whats your major? Cheers
Posted on: Nov 11, 2007
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