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bungee jump was over... =-(
It is one of the most memorable days in my life. I went bungee jumping!
Yesterday when everyone asked me if I was going on this trip today to 龙慶峽, I was super reluctant. Then someone told me it is really beautiful there (so what?!), you can get on a boat (I don't care about boats), horse-back riding (a maybe, but I won't go out of my way to get on a horse, especially when I am going to Inner Mongolia already), and bungee-jumping (OMG!!! COUNT. ME. IN.!!!!!) Hence, I woke up this morning, yet again waken up by Courtland, and ran to this 龙慶峽.
I suppose it is beautiful, except it has become so commercialized. I must publicly admire Chinese's creativity. Who would build a plastic/cement dragon along a hill? Anyways.
the people who braved the scary free-falling, aka bungee jumping. Now, we are too cool for others.
When we first got there, we took the escalator (yea, now you can see how commercialized it is) to the top of the hill, walked back in a cement tunnel, took a boat, walked up some chairs and tables. THEN THE BUNGEE JUMPING! Since the ONLY reason why I'd go on this trip was bungee-jumping, I was already 90%excited/10%nervous. Then, Faye, this korean boy and girl, and I, decided we will do the bungee. We hurriedly got the ticket, which was 150RMB (not bad, I guess), and walked up to the cliff platform. I looked down, and maybe because I grew up in Hong Kong, I wasn't scared by the height at all. It just felt like I was at home or something. I was the first one to jump. The two staffs wrapped the jumping-holder around my ankles real hard, and had two 扣 to make sure my legs don't go on a split. Then, they put tape around my waist to make sure I wouldn't flash everyone during my fall. That was it. They were only holding onto my ankles. Next, I walked out the platform, to a tinier platform which only fit one person. It is like the jumping pier. I was instructed to have the front half of my feet hanging in the air, while holding my arms out to the sides. The staff held under my underarms while I was telling him not to push me. I said that several times already, "don't push me, don't push me". He was like, okok, I won't push you, I won't push you. And the next thing I know, he gave me a slight push and I was free-falling! FREE-FALLING BABY!
The fall was great, the speed was unbelievable, and the sight was amazing - it felt like you are about to fall into the water. IT was so much fun. It kind of feel like you are flying. Oh, the speed, the acceleration of gravity. SOOOO cool. Really, you are just hanging in the air the entire time.
I don't want to describe the feelings and the excitement in words. Partly it is because it is almost impossible, at least for me, to describe it accurately and completely, and partly because I am getting really tired now.
But it was AMAZING. Now I can check off one thing in my life to-do list. MUAHAHAHA.
SEriously though, next time I will find a higher cliff to jump down. Free falling is fuuuuun. =-D
martinikitty13 says:
very cool - you are so brave! i'm too afraid of heights! :)
Posted on: Oct 02, 2007
Aopaq says:
You should skip the higher cliff and try sky diving can enjoy a much longer free fall then. :)
Do you have any photos of the bungy site or of your jump? I never imagined there would be a bungy jump site in China!
Posted on: Oct 01, 2007
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bungee jump was over... =-(
bungee jump was over... =-(
the people who braved the scary fr…
the people who braved the scary f…
photo by: Deats