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look blue sky!
I saw, finally, the Beijing blue sky, for a minute, literally. As I walked out of my fencing lesson, I looked up, didn't quite realize I was looking at an atomspheric phenonmenon, looked up again, and took up my camera and took a picture of this rare Beijing moment. A blue sky, how wonderful!
As mentioned, 1st real fencing lesson today. Essentially, I started from the beginning, from learning the en garde position correctly, to doing the 4 parry, to lunging. I guess it was good for me, though, because I know I have horrible footwork. Also, the coach seemed really concerned about my weight. Not once, not twice, but several times, he mentioned how these lessons will definitely help me lose weight. Not that I am against losing weight (of course not!), but it is just not my first priority.
hey Chinese can be environmentalists
Well, everything makes sense now.
Then went to Zhong Guan Cun to get books, grocery shopping (how much i love grocery shopping now), and then on our way back we stopped by this little store, which was selling everything 2 for 15 RMB. The style was horrible, but I managed to get ONE shirt.
I really needa start looking at my spending patterns. It is getting out of control. In one month, I probably spent like a normal Beijing worker's 4 months salary. That's not right.
Yesterday I have a realyl inspiring class by 刘玪玪. ACcording to the girl next to me, she is actually quite an influential economist in China, and has worked for the government. But it wasn't the inspiring part. She pointed out many of the systematic problems in the Chinese government and the economy.
literally, 5 minutes later when I walked to the bus station, it became a grey sky again.
I said it was inspiring because she told us the questions we as a country are facing, instead of in the States, they just told us the answers of all the eocnomic questions. It is intellectually more challenging and I really feel like I am now involved in this issue and I shall contribute to it. It actualyl sounds like she is engaging us in this economic issue; compared to in the States, I felt like I was learning economy the same way I am learning about how hydrogen + oxygen = water. C'est tres interesante!
I really gotta do something about the poverty in China. Seeing the people who look like me not being able to enjoy life fully because of, what, lack of food/water/hygiene? In the 21st century where economic growth is supposed to be unprecedented? It really hits me when I realize, they look like me and act like me! I mean, I could be them, or, they could be me! IT is just amazing to see MY people like that. Seems like coming to China creates a sense of belonging in me.
I am really tired.
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look blue sky!
look blue sky!
hey Chinese can be environmentalis…
hey Chinese can be environmentali…
literally, 5 minutes later when I …
literally, 5 minutes later when I…
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