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OMGoodness. It's freeeeeezing here. I thought I was from NY and I'll be able to stand the cold, at least in Beijing. Nope, I was wrong. The coldness here can be invasive. I can feel it in my breath, my lungs, my skin, not to mention my fingers and toes. Just everyone. IT is definitely a different kind of cold. Worst thing is that they don't turn on the heat until, like what, mid-Nov! I am now typing this with a gigantic blanket on me and I am not leaving without it. Okay, I actually will but I'll put on like 100000000 layers.
Classes are okay. I just really needa be motivated to study since there is literally no homework or tests or anything to keep myself on track. It's like, boom, there's a final exam and all your grades depend on it, and you only have one chance to do well. I don't mind it because I feel like I am more of a.. one-time-only person, but I just really have to understand the materials well so I won't be miserable by exam time.
Funny thing is everyone seems very... amused in a way, and curious, when they heard that I used to live in the US. Well, of course I can say now that it is not that big of a deal and America is not heaven of anything, but I really think there must be a cultural change in China. Chinese can't just keep wanting to leave China and copy the West. The east is as good as the west, really.
Sigh, what can one person do anyways.
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