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My new haircut. Now I look REALLY korean.
So, the Mongolia trip is final. I'm sure it'll be fine. Plus, I've been been to Mongolia, even though i've been to Urumqi like, twice. I'm getting really excited about travelling. I was talking to dad today and it seems like my parents really just want me to FIGHT for my career, which I don't technically have one yet. They just want me to find a job and make some money so I won't be financially dependent. The funny thing is, i AM financially independent. I already saved and received enough money to support my lifestyle and all its expenses here. I can't make this point clearer to my dad, but he just said my family needs the money and therefore I must not use it, through him. Owell. Perhaps I shouldn't discuss my financial and family matters here though it is getting a little frustrating. Now everytime when I spend money, I feel like I am spending my PARENT'S money, but it is, theorectically, mine. I shouldn't feel guilty. UGH.
Have I mentioned today I spent 500RMB on hair? I am guessing it is expansive for China's standard, considering in HK a regular haircut costs around 100HKD. I think I wasn't being very independent-minded; I was basically talked into getting a new hairstyle. Not that I don't like it, but I am definitely not in LOVE with it. I just want to get something new. Already sick of my same-old-same-old hairstyle. Seriously, in China, if you don't like it, you probably have to say it like 4-5 times, really clearly and strongly. I felt like for the 2 weeks I was in China, I've been talked into buying so many things. That's bad. I need to not be afraid of saying NO to really diligent salespeople.
Can't wait to go camping at the Great Wall. It's gonna be fun and I'll get to know more people, hopefully.
Speaking of people, the hairdressers in the salon seem to be really worried about my relationship status. First, you know, they asked the normal question that EVERYONE has asked me (I really wonder y people r so curious abt my relationship status) if I have a bf. Usually my answer is, "of course not." Why of course? I don't know. Personally, I really don't mind being single. Seems like in a relationship people have so much more to think about, and I myself, am not very fond of thinking if I don't want/have to. Anyways, back to the hairdressers. So, they kept telling me that I should find a bf so that someone can "take care" of me. !!!! What? I don't need a man to take care of me; I am independent alright. I almost screamed at his remark. Why does a woman need, and may I emphasize, NEED, a man? And most probably not vice versa? Anyways, the whole time I was there, they kept repeating something like, "Oh, now you are so pretty/you should take care of yourself more, so that 1)you'll find a bf in China 2)there'll be guys running after you." I was just like... o...kay? Honestly, it's not like I am against being in a relationship, it's just that I dont HAVE to be in a relationship to be self-sufficient, emotionally. Or so I think. So when they say I am getting dressed up to attract a guy, I was a little annoyed. Plus, I'd rather be with someone I actually like, than to just find a bf to shut these people up.
Anyways. New haricut, new city, new room, new school, new old bike, new camera, SOME new clothes/shoes, new people around me, new roommate (roommates always change anyways), new currency, new tv (YAY!), new cell phone, same old me, maybe.
I guess I really should find an internship; just so I can put more things in my resume, and, unfortunately, make my parents happy.
Oh, and I also visited the fencing club today. It looks REALLY ghetto and shady and, just ghetto, but so far, I think I like the coach, just from the 30 mins. I'll see. I really want to be good at fencing one day, because I REALLY suck right now.
HAve I mentioned I hate the thought of having to listen to my parents? Why can't I do something I want? Like go to Paris instead of, freaking China. Gosh. The more I think about it, the angrier I am.
So maybe that's a sign I should stop here.

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My new haircut.
Now I look REALLY…
My new haircut. Now I look REALL…
photo by: Deats